Love Island 2023 results! Who left? Two islanders voted off after public poll

What happened on Love Island last night?

Two Islanders have been dumped in the latest Love Island 2023 results after the public vote.

Friday evening saw the Islanders learn the public had been voting for their favourite boy and favourite girl.

They were called to the fire pit where one-by-one they learned which three boys and which three girls have been left vulnerable.

The Islanders gather around the firepit

As the newest bombshell, Scott was not involved in the vote.

The three boys who received the fewest votes were revealed as Zachariah, André and Sammy. The three girls with the fewest votes from the public were announced as Charlotte, Leah and Catherine.

A follow up text then announced: “Only one girl and one boy will be heading home tonight. That decision will be made by the safe Islanders. Girls, you must now discuss which boy you want to dump from the Island. Boys, you must now discuss which girl you want to dump from the Island.”

The boys then revealed they had decided to dump Charlotte while the girls announced they had chosen to dump André.

Therefore Charlotte and André were eliminated from the villa.

Elsewhere on Friday’s show new boy Scott made his entrance into the villa after heading out on a date with Jess.

Following the pair’s return, Mitch pulled Jess to get something off of his chest.

Mitch told her: “I am available… I kind of want to get to know you a bit more.”

He added: “The She’s A Keeper thing [football-themed challenge]… watching you, when you fell on your a**e I went, ‘I fancy this girl.’ I swear to god. Now you know I fancy you a bit.”

After Sammy got wind of Mitchel’s chat, he pulled him for a chat and complained: “I’ll be real yeah, I thought it was a bit sly. Mentioning it in front of all the boys instead of just pulling me and just saying, ‘Sammy, I’m feeling Jess.’

“I haven’t got a problem with you chatting with her, I just thought it was just a little bit sly.”

Meanwhile Scott was quick to get to know the other Islanders, first pull Catherine for a chat by the firepit and then chatting with Molly on the daybeds.

Love Island 2023 continues nightly on ITV2 and ITVX.

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