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Love Island Australia cast Instagram and Twitter usernames

Follow Love Island contestants on social media usernames

Wondering the Instagram and Twitter usernames of the Australia Love Island cast?


Wonder no more, here’s where to follow the Love Island Australia contestants.

The first series of Love Island Australia airs on ITV2 from 9PM on Monday, June 15 and continues nightly.

The series sees a bunch of sizzling Aussie singles embark on the ultimate summer of love, leaving the Australian winter behind them, as they take up residence in a luxury villa in Mallorca. Starting the show are ten Islanders, five guys and five girls.

Playing the definitive game of love, the Aussie Islanders will get to know each other in the hope of finding romance. But as new bombshells arrive on the Island, which couples will stand the test of time and make it all the way to the final, and have a chance of bagging the $50,000 cash prize?

Here’s all the social media details of Love Island Australia contestants…

Love Island 2020 Australia contestants

Grant Crapp – 22-year-old Electrician from Canberra
Instagram username: @grant_crapp
Twitter username: @crappgrant


Tayla Damir – 21-year-old Beauty Queen from Perth
Instagram username: @tayla.damir

Eden Dally – 25-year-old Prison Officer from Sydney
Twitter username: @edendally
Instagram username: @dallyeden

Erin Barnett – 23-year-old Nurse from Melbourne
Instagram username: @erin.alysha
Twitter username: @erin_alysha

Josh Moss – 25-year-old Sports Administrator from Sydney
Instagram username: @joshmoss

Millie Fuller – 24-year-old Doggy Daycare Worker from Sydney
Instagram username: @ millie1993

Cassidy McGill – 24-year-old Bartender from Melbourne
Instagram username: @cattcity

Justin Lacko – 27-year-old Model from Melbourne
Instagram username: @justinlacko


Natasha Cherie – 24-year-old Beauty Salon Owner from Perth
Instagram username: @tashacherie

Charlie Taylor – 22-year-old Rugby Player from Sydney
Instagram username: @charlietaylor

Kim Hartnett – 21-year-old hairdresser and model from Brisbane
Instagram username: @kimhartnett_

John James Parton – 32-year-old DJ from Melbourne
Instagram username: @xjohnjamesx

Elias Chigros – 27-year-old personal trainer from Melbourne
Instagram username: @myfriendelias

Françoise Draschler – 28-year-old marketing executive from Melbourne
Instagram username: @francoisedraschler

Jaxon Human – 24-year-old stripper/tennis Coach from Melbourne
Instagram username: @jaxon_human


Edyn Mac Mackney – 22-year-old social media manager from The Gold Coast.
Instagram username: @edyndenise

Dom Thomas – 26-year-old project manager from Sydney
Instagram username: @domthomass

Teddy Briggs – 25-year-old model from Adelaide
Instagram username: @teddybriggs_

Shelby Bilby – 25-year-old event management student from The Gold Coast
Instagram username: @shelbybilby

Amelia Plummer – 23-year-old nutrition student from Sydney
Instagram username: @ameliamarni

Mark O’Dare – 26-year-old model from Sydney
Instagram username: @markodare91

Kory Grant – 28-year-old concreter from Melbourne
Instagram username: @kory_grant12


The first series of Love Island: Australia starts Monday 15th June at 9pm on ITV2

Airing nightly on ITV2, the Australian version of the UK’s favourite dating show is hosted by Sophie Monk and narrated by Eoghan McDermott.