Love Island 2021’s Amy and Hugo in very awkward reunion on Aftersun

Amy Day and Hugo Hammond had a VERY awkward reunion on Love Island: Aftersuun last night.


The pair were dumped from the villa together last week and we think its fair to say their relationship won’t be going anywhere after the show.

Appearing with Laura Whitmore on spin-off Aftersun on Sunday, the pair were involved in a frosty reunion which, probably for the best, took place virtually.

“Hugo and Amy join us from their very separate homes”, stressed host Laura as she introduced the pair.

Chatting to Laura, Hugo said: “I wasn’t on the show for a showmance. I was looking for something long-term that would work back home. I know it came across as me being picky, I was just trying to be me.”

He continued: “It was great at the start but unfortunately when we got back to the main villa I think communication from both parties wasn’t as clear as it could’ve been and that’s why we’re in this position.”

Meanwhile Amy told Laura there was originally an “instant connection” with Hugo in Casa Amor but she was glad “to be out and away” from him.


Amy said: “I think Hugo’s just terrible with women. I don’t think he knows what to say,” before branding herself an “idiot” for sticking by him.

Hugo responded: “Amy’s clearly got a strong opinion but I think people are forgetting Amy chose to stay in Tyler’s bed on night one. So she wasn’t into me from the start and I just felt like a green card to the villa.”

Prior to Aftersun, Amy had branded Hugo “fake” following their departure from the villa.

Amy insisted her feelings for Hugo were real: “They were, they really were and everyone could see that. I think at the end, everyone questioned why on earth he just wasn’t reciprocating what I was giving. I tried. I was being 100% genuine and real and I was a little bit messed around, but I loved the experience.

“I’ve definitely learned what I don’t want and how I should be treated in a relationship.”

Asked how she now feels about Hugo, Amy said: “Fake – because he wasn’t telling me that he didn’t like me. I do wish I’d opened up and re-coupled with someone else.”

In his own interview after leaving, Hugo said: “I think with myself and Amy we kind of got back to the main Villa and it was a bit like a holiday romance; you go away and you think it’s amazing and then you come back to the real life and the cracks almost start to show a little bit….


“I’m sure we’ll go out in groups and whatnot, but I can’t imagine we’ll be going out for a dinner anytime soon.”

Love Island 2021 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub.