Love Island 2021: Hugo Hammond speaks out after his exit as he rules out romance with Amy Day

Hugo Hammond has spoken out after his exit from Love Island 2021.


Tonight saw four Islanders dumped from the Love Island villa as Hugo left alongside partner Amy Day as well as both Clarisse Juliette and Sam Jackson.

Speaking after his departure from the villa, Hugo said today: “I’m obviously gutted because I’ve made some really good friends in there, I’d almost call them family now. At the same time, I definitely feel my time had come. I leave really happy that I’ve had an amazing experience, but at the same time, sad to leave everyone.

“Ultimately people are there for love. And that was probably the one thing that was missing from my experience. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it in there. But I haven’t given up. I’ll still be on the search.”

While he left in a couple with Amy following Casa Amor, Hugo ruled out any romance between the pair.

He said: “I think with myself and Amy we kind of got back to the main Villa and it was a bit like a holiday romance; you go away and you think it’s amazing and then you come back to the real life and the cracks almost start to show a little bit. I don’t think so [regarding a date]. I think she will reciprocate that.

“I’m sure we’ll go out in groups and whatnot, but I can’t imagine we’ll be going out for a dinner anytime soon.”


Meanwhile Hugo spoke about his feelings for Chloe Burrows who he spent the first weeks coupled up with.

Hugo said: “She saved me very early on and chose to couple up with me in a friendship couple. And from there we just became best buds. She’s a gorgeous girl and we get along so well. So I could see myself being with ‘a Chloe’ for example. But I did ask the question at one point. I did and obviously we were too far in then in the friendship place and I wouldn’t want to jeopardise that as well.

“She was there for me a lot of times when I needed her and I think that was reciprocated and I was there when she needed me. The ‘one that got away’ is going to be thrown around, but I wouldn’t say so.”

He went to say of Chloe’s recoupling with Toby Aromolaran after THAT recoupling drama: “If Chloe’s happy and Toby’s happy then I’m over the moon. I don’t hold grudges or anything like that.

“My speech that came out of me at the fire pit, it wasn’t planned as I genuinely thought he was going to pick Abi. I want the best for Tobes. This was our big disagreement – he said a friend wouldn’t do that to another friend, they wouldn’t call them out like that.

“But for me, we call each other out when we’re in the wrong. That’s how you become better and learn from your mistakes. If you don’t get called out for it, then you don’t learn anything. You don’t develop and you don’t progress.


“But I’m super happy for them that they’ve found each other again. When they’re together you can see how happy they are and they’re in their own little world. They look like they absolutely love it.”

Love Island continues nightly on ITV2.