Love Island 2021 spoiler: Lillie makes a move on Liam in Casa Amor

Lillie Haynes makes her move on Liam Reardon in tonight’s Love Island.

Last night’s episode saw Casa Amor return with the boys moving to the second villa with six brand new girls.

One of the newbies – Lillie – has been open about the fact she is interested in Liam.

In tonight’s episode she pulls him for a chat, saying: “You make me smile. I feel very nervous around you, in a good way.”

Speaking in the Beach Hut about Lillie, Liam says: “I do get on with Lillie, she’s a nice girl. I do think she is very attractive but I’m here just to have fun.”


Liam says to Lillie: “My head is with Millie. But I’m here, I’m not in the Villa. I’ve known Millie for two and a half weeks and I’ve been spending every day with her. Where is your head at?”

Lillie responds: “You. I’m not going to even play it cool!”

She adds: “I know I’m quite comfortable here. So I’m throwing everything in the bag.”

Liam responds: “I’m very attracted to you and I do enjoy your company. But then you know my situation.”

Elsewhere tonight, the two villas go head to head in a raunchy race.

Both the Islanders at the Villa and Casa Amor receive a text which reads: “Islanders. This afternoon, the Villa will take on Casa Amor in Raunchy Race. The two villas will race against each other to compete for a series of saucy challenges.

“The first Villa to complete each challenge wins a point. The villa that receives the most points will win a party tonight. #makemadmoves #kissthefacetowintherace.”

The Villa and Casa Amor will both receive texts at the same time with a challenge they need to complete. The villa that completes it in the fastest time will win a point.

The first text says: “The boy whose name comes first alphabetically must snog every girl.”

Amy, Tyler, Clarisse and Hugo during the Raunchy Race challenge.
Amy, Tyler, Clarisse and Hugo during the Raunchy Race challenge.

But when the shortest boy is instructed to kiss the girl he fancies most, Liberty’s mind soon turns to Jake over at Casa Amor.

Similarly, the shortest girl is then asked to snog the tallest boy for 15 seconds which leaves Jake guessing. Speaking in the Beach Hut, Jake says: “It is what it is. It’s a bit of fun. It’s a challenge. I just hope it didn’t mean anything.”

But who will reign supreme in tonight’s challenge, the Villa or Casa Amor? And which villa will be rewarded with a party to celebrate their victory?

Love Island continues nightly on ITV2 at 9PM.