Love Island 2021: Jake asks Liberty to make things official

Jake Cornish asks Liberty Poole to make things official on tonight’s Love Island.

Jake and Liberty have been coupled up since day one and it looks as if Jake is ready to take the relationship to the next level.

Speaking to the boys on the sun deck, Jake says: “I think it’s maybe time to take the plunge and put a label on it.”

Enlisting the help of his fellow Islanders, Jake plans a surprise dinner for Liberty.

Sitting down for their dinner, Hugo and Liam serenade the pair.

Liberty asks Jake: “Is this the sort of treatment I’ll be getting every night?”

Millie and Liam bring over spaghetti bolognese for the happy couple, followed by Faye and Teddy who then bring over dessert.

After their meal, Jake and Liberty are sitting on the bean bags and Jake says: “I wanted to bring you here and just say how happy you make me to be honest.”

Liberty says: “I’ve never connected with someone the way I have with you, ever. All cards on the table, I don’t think I really knew what love was until I met you.”

Jake says: “I feel like I’ve found the one. Will you be my girlfriend?”

Is Liberty ready to move forward with Jake?

Also on tonight’s show, Millie and Liam head out on their first date.

Millie receives a text which reads: “Millie and Liam. It’s time for your first date! Please get ready to leave the Villa. #millieofthevalley #oneinamilliam.”

Meanwhile there’s the fallout from yesterday’s dramatic recoupling as Toby confronts Hugo over his comments about his treatment of Chloe.

Love Island continues nightly on ITV2 and ITV Hub with episodes also available on BritBox the morning after.