Love Island 2019 new boys get to know Anna Vakili and Maura Higgins

Love Island 2019 spoilers

Love Island gets two new boys tonight as they head out on dates with Anna Vakili and Maura Higgins.

The introduction of new Love Islanders Jordan Hames and Tom Walker were teased at the end of Sunday’s episode.

This evening they head out on dates with Maura and Anna who were left single after the latest recoupling.

Maura initially has a date with Jordan, while Anna has a date with Tom.

Over a glass of bubbly, Maura and Anna get to know the new boys. Anna has been waiting for a guy older than her to come and sweep her off her feet and when Tom admits he is twenty-nine, she says “I don’t think you understand how happy I am! Most of the guys in the villa are from twenty to twenty-four. I’m twenty-eight.”

 Tom and Anna date.
Tom and Anna date.

Tom flirts: “You look good!”

Anna is keen to know what Tom’s type on paper is as he coyly replies: “I don’t really have a type but going on my previous girlfriends, I’d say brunettes.”

The girls then swap over and get to know the other new guy.


Tom is quick to ask Maura how she feels about Tommy but since the recoupling, where Tommy coupled up with Molly-Mae, Maura seems to have moved on fast. She tells Tom: “Don’t go there. I’m not into Tommy anymore.”

Tom replies: “It’s his loss I guess because you’re beautiful.”

Tom and Maura date.
Tom and Maura date.

Maura wants to know what Tom is looking for in a girl. He says “Athletic brunettes. I like a girl that trains. You’ve got a good body from what I’ve seen.”

Maura says “Thanks. I don’t go to the gym! I eat fifty pizzas a week! I’m just lucky. But if you were training me, I wouldn’t say no.”

Tom reacts: “Good answer. I’d like to train you.”


Meanwhile, sparks are also flying over at the next table as Jordan is handing out compliments to Anna. He says “You look like a bronzed goddess.”

Jordan soon reveals he is a model and then says to Anna :“You look like a model too.”

He adds: “I think I’m getting along with you really well. You’re definitely one of the girls I’ve got my eye on.”

Anna asks “Did you have your eye on me before you came in?”

Jordan and Anna date.
Jordan and Anna date.

Jordan tells her: “I did. I think you’re beautiful. It’s nice to meet you.”

Could Jordan and Tom be the boys to save Anna and Maura from single life in the villa?

As the dates come to an end, it’s time for the new boys to enter the villa but will any of the other girls take their fancy too?

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.