Meet brand new Love Island 2019 boys Jordan Hames and Tom Walker

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Love Island 2019 has unveiled two new boys who are set to enter the villa tonight (June 17).

Bombshells Jordan Hames and Tom Walker are about to join the current Islanders and are sure to cause a stir.

The pair were teased at the end of this evening’s episode and before tonight, you can meet the two Love Island new guys below…

Jordan Hames

Jordan Hames
Jordan Hames

Jordan Hames is a 24-year-old from Manchester.

Instagram Username: @jxrdanhames

Jordan says: “I bring something different to the other Islanders. I’ve got good energy, I’m really bubbly. I’ve got younger siblings I’m always teasing, so I think I’ll be a bit of a joker of the pack.”


Asked about his best and worst qualities, Jordan continues: “My best are my jawline, my trainer collection and how laid back I am in life. I don’t take myself too seriously.

“My worst traits are that I’m quite clumsy. I was once on a first date, bought two cocktails, went to sit down and knocked them over. Sometimes I leave things until the last minute, so I’m often in a rush.”

On his perfect girl, Jordan says: “Someone who has got nice eyes, good energy and good banter, someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously but is career driven. I like them to be fiery.

“If I’m in a relationship with someone who says ‘yes’ all the time, I’ll just be seeing what I can get away with. I like someone spontaneous, I love travelling. I’m the sort of guy who will book to go on a city break on a Friday and then go on the Saturday.”

He adds: “I like all of them, I’m greedy in that sense. I like blondes, brunettes, red heads. I would say Anna, Amber, Molly-Mae and Elma are on my radar.”



Tom Walker

Tom Walker.
Tom Walker.

Tom Walker is a 29-year-old model from Leeds.

Instagram username: @tom9walker

Tom says: “I’m fun and energetic. I tend to get on with boys and girls. I’m a people person. I enjoy finding out about people. I’m also opinionated and enjoy good discussions.”

Describing his best and worst qualities, Tom continues: “The best is that I get on with everyone, I’m nosy, I enjoy asking questions and getting to know people. I’m fun and always up for doing things.


“I’m a yes man, I don’t turn many things down. The downside is that I sometimes find it hard to switch off. I can be quite annoying. I’m always on the go.”

Asked about his perfect girl, Tom says: “Someone that I can be myself around. I don’t have to play anything up or play anything down. Someone who has got an energy for life, enjoys travelling and socialising.

“I like the new girls – Maura is a cannon. She’s gone in there and torn it up. She might be a bit too hot to handle! I really like Elma. She’s got a look I tend to go for.

“From day one I liked the look of Lucie, although she seems pretty happy and settled with Joe. I’ll find out whether she is when I get in.”

The two new boys will enter the villa this evening and already have dates lined up.


They’ll be set up with Anna Vakili and Maura Higgins, who are currently single after the latest recoupling.

Last night’s episode saw the boys given the power to decide who to couple up with.

A text announced: “Islanders. Tonight, there will be a recoupling in which the boys will choose which girl they want to couple up with. #nomoreshapes #girlproblems #standbyyourman.”

Consequently Anna and Maura were left as the girls not picked by a boy.

They’ll date Tom and Jordan this evening, as the coupled up Islanders remain in the villa – and face a new twist.

A second text told them that each couple would now have to vote for the two least compatible couples.

The two couples who receive the most votes from their fellow Islanders are at risk of being dumped from the Love Island villa.

Love Island 2019 airs nightly on ITV2.

The latest episode airs tonight, Monday June 17, on ITV2 at 9PM.