Love Island 2019 gets 192 complaints over ‘bullying’ of Danny Williams

Almost 200 people have complained to TV watchdog Ofcom over ‘bullying’ on Love Island.

It follows last night’s episode which saw Amber Gill and Anna Vakili vent their anger over Yewande Biala’s exit.

Yewande was given the boot in Monday night’s show after Danny Williams recoupled with Arabella Chi in favour of her.

Anna and Amber were not impressed with Danny’s decision, or his kiss with Arabella, and made their feelings quite apparent in Tuesday’s show.

The scenes have prompted 192 complaints to Ofcom, with viewers accusing the pair of ‘bullying’ Danny, The Sun reports.

A source claimed that producers this week had reminded the cast of the villa rules.

They told the paper: “There has been a lot of backbiting and bitching this series and the producers realised viewers were starting to really notice.

“So earlier in the week the execs came into the villa for a ‘briefing’ with the contestants and told them they were to rein it in. The message seems to have been ignored by them all given their behaviour on Tuesday night.”

A spokesperson for the show commented: “We speak to all of the islanders to remind them of what we condone to be acceptable behaviour during their time on the show.”

It wasn’t just viewers that took offence to Anna and Amber’s actions, with Jordan telling Anna she was being childish.

Anna reacted: “Jordan’s in the background like ‘you’re pathetic, you’re childish.’ Mate, you’ve only been here for less than a week. Who are you to be saying this to me? You have no idea how I feel inside right now. You don’t know what I’m going through.”

On Twitter, one viewer wrote: “I’m turning @LoveIsland off after seeing that.. The way Anna & Amber just treated Danny was disgusting..”

And another added: “There’s a word for girls like Amber and Anna – BULLY. #loveisland”

Although there have been complaints, many others backed Anna and Amber and called them ‘true friends’.

Wrote one fan online: “People slating Amber and Anna for sticking up for their friend? They’re hurt because Danny lied to her, they’re doing what good friends do #loveisland”.

A second agreed: “Don’t care what anyone says, don’t like Danny n Arrabella, yewande deserved better and I need friends like amber and Anna #LoveIsland”

Love Island 2019 continues tonight on ITV2 at 9PM.

In this evening’s episode, Yewande’s exit is quickly forgotten when the Islanders play a game involving viewer tweets about them.