Killer Camp spoiler: Who was the killer revealed in final episode

Who is the Killer Camp killer? ITV2 series spoilers!

ITV2’s reality murder mystery TV series Killer Camp has come to a conclusion – who was the killer?

Described as a “reality event”, Killer Camp aired across five nights leading up to Halloween.

The show saw 11 unsuspecting contributors dropped into an 80s inspired lakeside lodge.

They signed up for what they thought was a new summer TV show but after an explosive twist, they learned it was not the Summer Camp they’d envisaged but a Killer Camp with a secret murderer amongst them.

They had to earn cash while avoiding being killed. Correctly identify the killer and they’d win a cash prize, but if they got it wrong the killer would take the cash.

Killer Camp spoiler: Who was the killer?

In the final episode it was first confirmed that Rob, a 28-year-old cinema worker from Devon, had been the killer. The group correctly identified him as the murderer.

However, a big twist was then dropped as it was revealed that a second killer had been in the camp alongside Rob. Carl, a 29-year-old Car Dealer from Essex, was unveiled as the second killer.

The group failed to identify Carl as the murderer with most voting for 27-year-old Sam, a Chef from Poole, as the killer.

As a result, Carl won the cash and walked away with a prize pot of just under $7,500.

The unveiling of the second killer caused shocks throughout the group.

Holly reacted: “You’re so f**king fake. We all trusted you and you’re sitting there all smug. I’m shocked to my core.”

Eleanor added: “You’re a d**k.”

Jacques said simply: “Good game.”

And after being falsely named as the killer, Sam admitted: “There’s definitely a feeling of betrayal, it does hurt.”

You can watch the Killer Camp killer revealed in the video below…

Speaking ahead of the series, Carl said of signing up: “My experience was erratic, to say the least. I was excited to take on the challenge!”

He added: “My survival instinct kicked in.”

Killer Camp aired on ITV2.

Currently the entire series is available to watch online via the ITV Hub here.

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