I’m A Celebrity 2019: Myles Stephenson, Cliff Parisi triumph in ‘Construction’ Trial

Pair won eight stars searching for tools in critter-filled tunnels

Cliff Parisi and Myles Stephenson won eight stars after becoming construction workers in I’m A Celebrity 2019’s latest Bushtucker Trial.

Viewers are now in control of the daily vote-offs, with Adele Roberts falling victim to the first elimination last night.

That means the power to decide who competes in the Trials has shifted to the celebs themselves.

Following another tense argument, Cliff and Myles were dispatched to the set of a challenge named ‘Under Critter Construction’.

“It’s an honour to be with the big dog on our first trial together,” the Rak-Su singer smiled.

Cliff explained that he put himself forward because he “owed” the group, having sat out of challenges ill for a few days.

Hosts Ant and Dec explained that they’d be positioned in separate tunnels, and would have to work together to earn meals for the remaining eleven campmates.

Using walkie talkies to communicate, Myles would request the tools he needed to unlock the stars.

Meanwhile, Cliff had to find the tools and transport them to his teammate using a pulley system. Only one object could be transported at a time.

Each star unlocked with the eleven-minute time limit would represent one meal for camp.

Once the pair had donned their hi-vis construction gear, they began travelling through the tunnels.

As usual, there were plenty of jungle critters to keep them company, with Myles initially encountering lizards.

He requested an Allen key to unlock the first star, but Cliff sent the wrong tool, forcing him to complete another transfer.

A screwdriver was required for the second star, but the pulley malfuctioned, causing them to lose precious seconds.

By the halfway point, they had only obtained four stars.

Myles moved on to a tunnel full of snakes, as Cliff did his best to get the necessary keys over.

Eventually the final klaxon sounded, and they emerged with a respectable eight stars – just three short of a full house.

Cliff suggested they may have done better had he “been a bit smaller and more agile”.

Pleased with the result, the rest of the celebs cheered the duo as they returned to Snake Rock.

“I thought they did amazingly, and Cliff was like another person,” observed Kate Garraway. “He was full of beans.”

I’m A Celebrity‚Ķ Get Me Out Of Here! continues nightly at 9.00pm on ITV. Spin-off Extra Camp airs immediately after the main show on ITV2.