I’m A Celebrity 2019: James Haskell blasts campmates’ “stupidity” in latest jungle row

Rugby player agitated after debate over who should face Bushtucker Trial

James Haskell has sparked more tension on I’m A Celebrity 2019 after the celebs were given power over Bushtucker Trials.

Now the ITV jungle show’s daily vote-offs have begun, the campmates themselves decide who will compete for food each day.

Following Adele’s exit, they were instructed to pick two players for a Trial named ‘Under Critter Construction’.

Cliff Parisi immediately volunteered, reasoning: “Anything to do with construction I’m really good at, so bring it on!”

However James, who has ruffled feathers by taking charge and imposing his views in group situations, insisted names should be drawn at random.

As Kate Garraway pushed for Cliff, he argued: “We are all really clear that Cliff’s doing it, but it’s not about dinner, it’s about showcasing yourself.

“That’s the point, it’s for us to make sure that everyone gets a fair shot to do it.”

James continued with the draw for Cliff’s partner, only to protest further when other celebs ruled themselves out.

Nadine Coyle didn’t want to take part as “there are people better equipped”, while Jacqueline Jossa said she “just can’t deal with the drama”.

“I don’t think you need a PhD in construction to be able to do it,” scoffed James. “If they said ‘Spider Highway’, you wouldn’t need to know about cars.”

Ian Wright offered James his support, saying: “I think we are getting the pattern of certain people now that we are getting down to this bit of it.

“We’ll see how friendships end up now as a team.”

But Jacqueline took an opposing view. “People are saying, ‘oh, we’ll see how it all changes now’, but for me they are the ones changing,” she told the Bush Telegraph.

“I just want it to all stay nice, happy families.”

The draw determined that Myles Stephenson would accompany Cliff. “It’s weird people are getting a bit possessive over it,” the Rak-Su singer commented.

“They are bickering amongst each other… come on, we’re grown adults.”

Meanwhile, Andrew Maxwell spoke to James, noting that he seemed “really edgy”.

“It’s just that unnecessary debate when people don’t listen,” the rugby player responded.

“I don’t have to listen to people’s incessant stupidity going round, I can’t abide over-talkers and dawdlers.”

After Cliff and Myles returned triumphant with eight meals, James noticed an emotional Jacqueline and asked if he’d upset her.

While the EastEnders actress claimed he hadn’t, she admitted: “It’s just stressful when we try and choose stuff and everyone gets so tense. I can’t cope because it p***** me off.

“It makes me feel like I don’t want to put my name forward because I’m scared of everything.”

“I know, I’m going to take a back seat and let people decide it all,” claimed James.

This week it was revealed that Ofcom has received 32 complaints about alleged bullying of Andrew.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues nightly at 9.00pm on ITV. Spin-off Extra Camp airs immediately after the main show on ITV2.