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I’m A Celebrity 2018 bosses reveal why there must always be three celebs in camp

Show secrets revealed on Extra Camp following Noel Edmonds' alleged rule-breaking

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! bosses have revealed why there must always be three celebs in camp following Nick Knowles and Noel Edmonds’ clashes over rule-breaking.


Earlier this week, viewers saw Nick become irritated when Noel went to collect more water for the group.

The then-camp leader was concerned that Noel had broken a rule stipulating that there must be three people in camp at all times.

Some fans were confused about why this previously little-known rule is in place.

Now they finally have an answer after Scarlett Moffatt clarified the situation on ITV2 spin-off Extra Camp last night.

A response from the executive producers simply explained that if there’s no-one in camp, there’s no show.

“The camp leader has to manage a number of things,” the statement read. “Not only who does which chores, but also keeping track of where everyone is.


“For the most part, that means keeping three people in camp at all times.

“It is for the very simple reason that if everyone disappeared, we wouldn’t be able to make a show and there’d be nothing to watch on telly every night.”

Scarlett went on to reveal further secrets about the ITV survival show during Extra Camp’s ‘K.N.O.B. Squad’ segment.

One viewer asked what measures are in place to prevent the celebs getting lost in the jungle.

It was revealed that a camouflaged security team monitors the routes around camp.

If a campmate strays too far out, the guards step in to send them back in the right direction.

Meanwhile, the Bushtucker Trials team explained the process that ensures the disgusting foods used in eating trials are safe for the celebs to consume.


“All foods in the Trials have to be signed off by Health and Safety, who follow a highly strict procedure,” said Scarlett, reading another statement.

“First, they research the requested food. A starting point is normally seeing if other cultures eat that food.

“They then put strict rules in place about where the produce comes from, how it’s stored and how it’s prepared.”

For instance, producers had to boil the mouse tails Sair Khan ate in ‘Dreaded Deliveries’ this week for 25 minutes.


“Many countries in South East Asia have eaten mice for centuries,” the note added.

I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp airs every night on ITV2, straight after the main show.

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