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I’m A Celebrity 2018: Malique and Sair win ALL the stars in disgusting eating trial

Malique Thompson-Dwyer and Sair Khan triumphed in their eating trial on I’m A Celebrity 2018 tonight.


The pair won all eleven stars after downing a series of disgusting dishes.

Malique and Sair were chosen by the public to do the Bushtucker trial, called Disgusting Deliveries.

Host Dec explained to the pair: “There are 5 rounds in this trial and in each one you’ll be presented with a lip smacking Jungle takeaway. There are 11 different to face and you’ll win a star for each dish that you finish.”

In the first round, Malique opened up a pizza box and it was dead mealworms, crickets and cockroaches, he had to eat 3 of each to win the first star – his dish was called Cal-groan-e. Malique ate them all and got the first star.

Sair opened her box and it was called Frutti De Scare Spaghetti, raw fish eyes. “Sair crunched down on the eye no problem, “You’re a machine” said Holly.

Next up was an Indian takeaway delivered by bike and Malique’s meal was called Vinda Spew, vomit fruit and he had to eat three spoonfuls of it. Sair opened her box and it was Chicken Teat-A-Masala, Dec informed her it was a cow’s teat. Both successfully finished their meals.


The next takeaway to arrive was from the chicken shop, Malique opened his box which was called Snot Wings, he had pig snouts. Sair had a Baa-Gain Bucket, a sheep testicle. Again, both completed the round.

Next up was a Burger Joint takeaway, Malique opened his box and it was called Big Crack and Fries, it was a pigs anus. Sair opened her box and it was called Bunion Rings, it was a camel’s foot. Although Siar struggled, both she and Malique once again passed the challenge.

The final takeaway arrived and it was Chinese. Malique opened his first and it was Sting Roll, a dead scorpion. Sair was next with Egg Flied Mice which was flies and mice tails. She had to eat two spoonfuls of flies and 1 mice tail. Both ate their meals.

Dec revealed the final meal was Crispy Shredded Willy Beef and was a sheep’s penis and only one celebrity had to eat it to get the eleventh star for camp.

Both Malique and Sair offered to do it, but it was Malique who took it from its box, “Just pull it off” said Dec. Sair laughed.

Malique ate it and got the eleventh star.


“That was absolutely disgusting, I’ve still got bits in my mouth, nasty.” said Malique after.

Sair added “I couldn’t have done it if Malique wasn’t there, I needed that motivation. We’ll have such a good day today, everyone will be so happy.”

Back in camp, Sair and Malique returned and told the group they did ‘okay’ and it was an eating trial.

“Oh no, what did you have to eat?” asked Fleur.

“Malique said “Nastiness, pigs anus, scorpion a sheep’s willy.” The camp groaned.


Malique then smiled and erupted with “We got 11 stars!” everyone cheered and hugged Sair and Malique.

I’m A Celebrity 2018 continues nightly on ITV.