Hugo Hammond spills all on Love Island after leaving the villa

Ex-Love Islander and teacher Hugo Hammond has spilled all about his time on the show.


He appeared on ITV’s Lorraine – currently being hosted by Christine Lampard – this morning to speak about his journey in the villa.

Hugo, who was one of four Islanders to leave last week, said: “I definitely feel like it was the right time for me to go. I had such a good run in there and met some incredible people and absolutely loved it, but yeah it was the right time.”

On being ‘unlucky in love’ on the show, he continued: “I think potentially I didn’t really want to compromise for love. I‘ve got a type and I know what I’m looking for and I wouldn’t say I was picky, but I just didn’t get that spark that a lot of the other boys were looking for with their girls.

“I asked them, ‘After one or two chats was it something you could see long term?’ and I just unfortunately didn’t get that feeling.”

lorraine hugo
Hugo on ITV’s Lorraine with Christine Lampard

Speaking about his relationship with Toby and Chloe, he explained: “Myself and Tobes departed on good notes, you know. I said to him before I left, ‘Are we cool?’ and he said, ‘Yeah mate, we’re all good’ so that was nice.

“I think our biggest disagreement was that a friend, someone he considered family, would call him out like that. But for me, back home, me and all my friends, I would always call them out if we thought each other was wrong, to try and help each other be better and do better, and help them progress as people. So that was where we couldn’t find the middle ground.”


He added: “Chloe’s my girl, I miss her a lot but I’m happy for her that she’s back with Toby and I’m happy for Toby that they’re together.”

Hugo went on to talk about his choice of words on leaving the villa with Amy Day, describing his journey as “tragic”.

He said: “That was more of a reflection of my journey in there. Obviously I’d been there for so long. I’d tried it with quite a few girls and then some bombshells came in for me and didn’t work out, so that wasn’t a reflection of Amy’s herself but more a reflection of me and my journey, and what I’d been through in there.”

And on remarking ‘job done’ after the pair kissed, he added: “The job done [comment – after he had kissed Amy] was meant to be something you just think, but unfortunately it just slipped out! I’ve seen some of the papers saying, ‘It took him five times to do it’, but that wasn’t the case. It was generally just me being a little bit silly.

“I was relieved. I was so nervous before that kiss – I was just finally relieved that I found a connection with someone. I was just happy.”

Meanwhile, Hugo gave his views on the latest villa drama.

hugo amy exit
Hugo and Amy on leaving the villa

He said of Faye and Teddy reuniting after their huge falling out: “I’m so happy for them. If Ted’s happy – we were really good friends in there and same with Faye – if Faye’s happy, then I’m happy. I think everyone should be happy for them.”

And on who he’s backing to win, Hugo said: “Millie and Liam. Having spent so much time with them 24-7, I see those two and they just have this natural, normal relationship you would see outside the villa and back home so I look forward to watching them for the rest of the series and seeing where their journey takes them.”


Finally, Hugo shared of his current search for love: “My DMs have been rather full since leaving the show so maybe I’ll have more luck on the outside world than I did on the inside of the villa.”

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