Henry and Zak’s friends and family speak out ahead of Big Brother eviction


The friends and family of nominated Big Brother housemates Zak and Henry have spoken out ahead of Friday’s live show.

Wednesday evening saw the pair put up for eviction following the second round of nominations. Zak received five nominations and Henry four nominations from their fellow housemates.

The public will now decide which one stays which one goes in a second live eviction on Friday evening.


Speaking about Henry facing eviction, mum Suzy says: “I mean, at the beginning of this week I was thinking, I’m missing him and I want him back, you know, because we’re very close and he calls me twice a day.

“So I was kind of missing him, but then yesterday when he was up for the eviction, that took me by surprise because I didn’t think he would have been up. I was obviously just upset because he was upset.”

Discussing Henry’s tears in the Diary Room after being nominated, Suzy continued: “I think he would have taken that very personally. He’s taken it as an attack on him, having thought that everybody liked him because in the outside world everybody does love Henry! I mean he’s a very popular boy. So I think that’s why he was so upset.”

She added: “I think he’ll be fine today. I think he may have got his head around the fact that he might be out on Friday, so that’s good. I think he’s prepared himself for that. And then if he were to stay he’d obviously be delighted. I think with Henry he’ll be like, if it does happen, it does. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I think he’ll just cope with whatever the situation is.”

Suzy also spoke about Henry’s blossoming friendship with Jordan, sharing: “I was at the launch and as soon as Jordan walked on that stage, I thought Henry’s gonna really like him. I could just tell there was just something about him and I thought, they’re going to get on really well, out of any of them.

henry crying in the Big Brother diary room

“It was almost instant. And the same with Trish as well, I can tell he really likes her because he likes to debate things and likes discussions. And Yinrun obviously is gorgeous, she’s so lovely. It pleased me that he got that little group.”

Meanwhile Zak’s housemate Lewis said of his pal facing eviction: “I feel good for him, I feel confident to be fair. I don’t think he showed himself in a bad light, I think he’s come across well. I know he is being genuine and has put his best self forward. So whatever happens, happens, hopefully he stays and he’ll see the country’s behind him.

“Hopefully he gets a good reception, whatever happens, whether he comes home or ends up staying but I feel good for him. I’ve got faith and feel confident he’s going to stay.”

He continued: “Knowing Zak, he is a proud person so he’ll definitely be feeling a little bit of a sting. He’s quite a popular character outside of the house within our social circles so he’ll be feeling a little bit of a sting, probably wondering who it is that he can’t trust because obviously they don’t know who nominated them. But he’ll still be himself, he’ll be positive and you’ll still see him with a smile on his face. He’ll crack on.”

And looking ahead to the eviction result, Lewis added: “I fancy his chances but it’s a hard one to be fair. I personally thought Kerry or Hallie or somebody like that was going to end up being up for nomination, and I would have been confident in him staying. I think Henry and Zak are probably on a very similar level, they’re quite neutral kind of housemates.


“They’ve both got fan bases behind them for different reasons, both very different characters. Obviously I’m always going to back my boy. I think he’s come across really well and I think he’s more interesting than Henry, he’s got more of a story and more of an outgoing personality. So fingers crossed the public gets behind him and he pulls through.”

Big Brother 2023 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX

AJ, Odudu and Will best will host Friday’s live show.

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