Harry Judd cuts finger in nasty accident on ITV’s Cooking With The Stars

Harry Judd’s appearance on ITV’s Cooking With The Stars ended with “blood everywhere”.

The new cookery competition sees eight celebrities, each paired with a professional chef who will mentor, teach and take them from passionate amateur to restaurant level chefs.

But the very first episode ends in disaster for McFly star Harry Judd, hosts Emma Willis and Tom Allen have revealed.

Emma shared ahead of the first episode: “Tom and I hadn’t really thought about accidents but then suddenly it was just blood everywhere. Harry, he’s a drummer, he barely had any fingers left!

“He just kept cutting himself and because they are panicking and rushing and they are on the clock, they do it even more. The medic was on camera more than we were on that first day!

“But the adrenaline -Harry cut himself so many times and he was like ‘I don’t care’. He’d be stirring and there would be a medic on his hand patching him up and he would just keep going. Proper multitasking, I was really impressed.”

Tom added: “We did have a few accidents along the way, Harry Judd couldn’t use a knife properly and it was like a blood bath the way he kept cutting himself, but he ended up really surprising us all.”

Harry himself said of appearing on the new show: “Well, the thing is I’ve never cooked really.

“Every now and again randomly I have this career where I get these opportunities to learn a skill and if it’s something that I’m interested in and something that I think that would be good to learn well it’s such a privilege to spend time with a professional in their field, learning one on one.

“Just like when I did Strictly -you’ve got one on one professional dance tuition. And my cooking experience is very limited. My mum’s a good cook but I’m afraid I didn’t take any of those skills from her. Literally I’m talking microwave, toaster and occasionally a bit of oven action.”

Harry will be mentored on the show food writer and restaurant owner Nisha Katona.

He admitted: “I’m nervous about the moment when I have to cook without the professional. I’m nervous about having that hour and just completely forgetting something, because every time I’ve done a test she’s always been there to remind and say ooh don’t forget this.. So I’m just worried I’ll forget something’s on the hob and burn it and ruin it.

“However, I’m also excited about the challenge. I’m really excited. It’s not something I feel massively nervous about, which is quite nice, because most things I do involve me thinking about a performance and you do feel pretty nervous. With this I hope I’m judged well on the taste and I’ll do my best.”

Cooking With The Stars begins Tuesday, 13 July at 9PM on ITV and continues weekly.