Gladiators will return for second series on BBC One

Gladiators logo on BBC One

BBC One’s recent reboot of Gladiators will be coming back for a second series, it’s been revealed.


Prepare to witness a clash of titans as a fresh breed of superhumans goes head-to-head with a courageous group of contenders in the most exhilarating showdown of speed and strength.

The brand new reboot of the classic show first launched in January, becoming the channel’s biggest entertainment launch in 7 years.

New episodes will film this summer with applications open now.

The newly revealed line-up of Gladiators for the returning gameshow boasts a diverse and formidable array of athletes, each bringing their unique strengths and personas to the arena.

Leading the pack is Legend, a Gladiator whose sheer power and strength need no introduction. He is joined by Fire, a fast, unpredictable, and dangerous competitor who threatens to overpower anyone in her path.

Bionic stands as a towering figure, warning contenders to steer clear lest they be crushed. Diamond, on the other hand, combines her bright beauty with unbreakable strength, making her a deceptive and powerful force. Nitro, known for his lightning-fast speed and agility, poses a significant challenge for any contender attempting to surpass him.


Electro, with her ability to make sparks fly, promises to shock and awe with her full force, while Giant, despite his seemingly friendly appearance, is an uncompromising competitor in the games. Steel, embodying his namesake, showcases a toughness and resilience that seems unbreakable.

Apollo brings to the arena the charm and speed reminiscent of a Greek god, paired with a fierce determination to win. Comet, a force of nature, flashes past opponents, leaving them struggling in her wake. Viper, though a man of few words, has vowed to decisively overcome any contender that stands in his way.


Athena, reflecting the ancient Greek goddess of war and wisdom, combines brain, brawn, and beauty in a small but mighty package. Fury lives up to her name, unleashing her wrath on the contenders as soon as the game starts. Phantom brings an air of mystery and an almost supernatural strength, leaving a chilling impact on his opponents.

Completing the line-up are Sabre and Dynamite. Sabre, fierce, powerful, and agile, embodies the characteristics of her namesake, proving to be fearless and ferocious in the arena. Dynamite, though small in stature, packs a powerful punch, ready to blast into the competition and obliterate her opponents. This diverse and dynamic group of Gladiators is set to bring new levels of excitement and challenge to the beloved gameshow.

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