Get Even follow up series Rebel Cheer Squad comes to BBC iPlayer

Get Even series 2 Rebel Cheer Squad release date

The BBC has announced Rebel Cheer Squad, the follow up to hit series Get Even, is on its way to iPlayer.

Premiering in 2020, Get Even saw four empowered heroines banding together to juggle a murder mystery, moral dilemmas and the shifting sands of love and friendship in their Don’t Get Mad (DGM) secret society at their elite, but menacing, Bannerman School.

The class of 2020 may have graduated but their spirit remains, and now a new band of heroines are ready to get even in brand new series, Rebel Cheer Squad.

The full series of Rebel Cheer Squad will be available on BBC iPlayer from Monday, February 14.

A teaser shares: “Friends Clara, Grace and Rumi discover that a Cheer squad team member is the victim of bullying. The stakes are heightened further after an incident at a showcase performance. To figure out what really happened, the three girls vow to become the new DGM and expose the culprit.

“All three face much more danger than they could have possibly imagined when an anonymous prankster announces their intention to cause panic and fear throughout the school; threatening notes in people’s lockers, spooky announcements broadcast on the school tannoy system, and putting paint in the rugby team’s showers. Their dreams of winning the Cheer Regional competition are also put in jeopardy by their mysterious foe.

“The girls draw on skills they never knew they had as they discover clues, investigate suspects and follow up leads in inventive and imaginative ways to pull off the most audacious heists in their pursuit of justice for all at Bannerman School.

“Clara, Grace and Rumi are also experiencing the twists and turns of teenage life – first dates, first kisses, parental expectations and disappointments, falling out with friends – all while learning that being the new DGM is about the most fun you could have as a 16-year-old.”

Lashay Anderson plays Clara, Amelia Brooks is Grace, Ashling O’Shea is Rumi. Renee Bailey is Leila, Asha Bank plays Brooke , Elliot Wooster is Sam, Kat Ronney is Viola, Jessie Mae Alonzo is May, Ramanique Ahluwalia is Jess, Olivia-Mai Barrett is Mouse, Niyi Akin is Evan, Aaron Garland is Reece, Ryan Quarmby is Miles.

Don Gilet is Coach Harris, Kirsty Hoiles is Ms Carson, Samia Rida is Sienna, Ravi Aujla is Samir, Maya Coates is Bella, Kris Mochrie is Mr Webster and Sally Rogers is Ms Sinclair.

Rebel Cheer Squad is an eight-part series which will also air on TV on CBBC from 14 February at 6:30PM.

For now you can watch the full series of Get Even on BBC iPlayer here.

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