Fred Sirieix’s fiancée Fruitcake spills on surprise home life

Fred Sirieix’s fiancée Fruitcake has revealed a little too much about her partner.


While waiting Fred’s exit from I’m A Celebrity, Fred Sirieix’s wife to be – known as Fruitcake – has spoken about life with him at home.

Appearing on ITV’s Lorraine this morning, Fruitcake addressed Fred’s control in the kitchen and his desire to wear very fewclothes.

During her appearance, Fruitcake shared insights into Fred’s laid-back attire at home, saying: “He spends half of his time naked along with Gino [on ‘Gordon, Gino and Fred’], and he does the same at home.

“If he’s not in his underpants, he’s in his Speedos, so rarely does he walk around with clothes on.”

Fred on I'm A Celebrity

Her revelation came after Lorraine commented on Fred’s minimal jungle attire and his impressive physique. Fruitcake humorously apologised to his campmates, remarking: “He loves to be a naturist and walk around with hardly any clothes on.”


Meanwhile, discussing his kitchen habits, she revealed that Fred likes to take charge of cooking at home, proudly stating, “He’s in charge of pleasure and in fact, pleasure is feeding me, so I don’t do any cooking at home.”

Talking about missing Fred, Fruitcake said: “I miss him immensely, but it feels nice to be in Australia because I do feel that bit closer to him.”

But she added: “I don’t want him out yet, I want him to at least be in the last three if possible, but I know there’s strong competition there, every vote counts.”

And ahead of Fred taking on the latest trial tonight, Fruitcake said that Fred’s ‘not good’ with rats, but he’s ‘even worse’ with spiders.


“If it involves spiders, I can imagine there’s going to be a few screams in that trial,” she laughed.

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