Don’t Tell The Bride bride refuses to get married – and heads to KFC


Don’t Tell The Bride saw its first ever failed wedding this week.

Despite the potential for a disaster in past episodes, including THAT Beauty and The Beast themed ceremony, every bride and groom has gone on to legally wed.

But this week’s couple – Craig and Sofia – didn’t get officially hitched.

Don’t Tell The Bride continued on Wednesday evening at 9PM on E4 with its latest episode.

Now a decade old, the hit reality show sees grooms with often questionable wedding plans given £14,000 to spend on their marriage while leaving their bride to be completely in the dark.

As always, the latest couple were banned from contacting one another for three weeks as the groom and his friends were left on their own to organise everything from the venue and the cake to the flowers and that all-important wedding dress.

This week, Craig and Sophia came to blows after a total wedding disaster.

Sophia dreamt of a laid back, hippy beach wedding – but Craig planned a crazy, wild Oktoberfest themed ceremony – despite Sophia hating beer.

“It could be a disaster,” he said at the start of the show.

“If he gets things really wrong I just won’t go,” Sophia told cameras.

There were problems even before the big day when Craig flew out to Prague on his stag do, despite sending Sophia to a local pub.

A ‘fancy dress’ wedding dress saw Sophia left raging and on the day of the wedding, on finding out the venue was in a brewery, she refused to get wed.

Sophia stormed off to a nearby KFC and Craig had to spend an hour talking her round to get into the venue.

Sofia and Craig.
Sofia and Craig (at the start of the episode)

She ended up ditching her wedding dress but went through with the unofficial vows in quite possibly one of TV’s awkwardest moments.

“I think we need deep serious talks and try and get back on track – but who knows with us,” Sophia said.

After the show, E4 said: “At the time of making this programme Craig and Sofia had decided not to make their wedding legal and were working together on their relationship.”

Don’t Tell The Bride airs Wednesday nights at 9PM on E4.