Don’t Tell The Bride’s Beauty and The Beast wedding did NOT go down well

Don’t Tell The Bride continued this week with a groom hosting a ‘Beauty and Beast’ themed wedding.

And it didn’t go down well at all, especially the yellow dress.

Don’t Tell The Bride continued on Wednesday evening at 9PM on E4 with its latest episode.

Now a decade old, the hit reality show sees grooms with often questionable wedding plans given thousands to spend on their marriage while leaving their bride to be completely in the dark.

The couples are banned from contacting one another for three weeks as the groom and his pals are left on their own to organise everything from the venue and the cake to the flowers and that all-important wedding dress.

Don't Tell The Bride
Ep11. Yasmin and Yiannis.

It’s more than some grooms can handle and more than some brides can take as they relinquish control of the most important day of their life.

In last night’s tenth elventh of the new series, we met beauty queen and bride-to-be Yasmin had her heart set on a fairytale wedding.

Powerlifter boyfriend Yiannis However took Yasmin’s dream a bit too literally, dressing her up as Belle for their Beauty and Beast themed nuptials.

There was a teary reaction from Yasmin to the dress but viewers were even more critical.

One wrote on Twitter: “#donttellthebride I feel so sorry for her, what a horrible man x”

And another reacted: “This is actually the most cringe wedding so far. I hope to god it’s not real ? #donttellthebride #dttb”

But others were more sympathetic.

“His heart is in the right place. It’s just a shame he wants to put her in a yellow wedding dress ?? #dttb,” wrote another fan of the show.

And a fourth confessed: “No gonny lie I’d love a beauty and the beast themed wedding ?? #DontTellTheBride”

dont tell the bride

With the biggest series comes some of the most unique weddings yet.

Previously this series we met Andy and Bobby-Jayne, with Andy wanting to wow his bride with a skater-themed wedding, not only learning some tricks himself, but also wanting her to ride down the aisle on her very own board.

And last week Chris and Charlotte got hitched as Chris made Charlotte literally jump through hoops to become his wife, turning their wedding into the ultimate obstacle course.