Dancing On Ice’s Ian H Watkins says he would’ve quit if he didn’t get same-sex partner

Ian ‘H’ Watkins has said he would’ve quit Dancing On Ice were he not given a same-sex partner.


The Steps singer has made history on the ITV series, skating with professional Matt Evers.

Ahead of the latest live episode, H has revealed he wouldn’t have taken part in the series had the same-sex partnership not happened.

He told The Sun newspaper: “If they had said no, I would have pulled out because it means so much to me.

“I know who I am. I’m a dad, so my kids will be watching it, so I want them to see me as my authentic self.”

H went on to rule out any potential for romance between himself and Matt.

He said: “It’s skating, not dating, right? I mean, he’s handsome, totally, but I’m keeping it very professional.


“Because if I snogged him or something happened it would completely devalue what I’m trying to achieve. What we are doing is bigger than us and bigger than the show. It’s a message.”

Meanwhile, both H an Matt have praised Dancing On Ice host Phillip Schofield after he came out as gay in an emotional appearance on This Morning last Friday.

H posted to Instagram: “Bravo Phillip for your honesty.. Coming out is difficult but your family, friends and fans will be proud of you being your authentic self..

“I’m proud of your bravery.. Welcome officially to our beautiful rainbow family! We and our ally’s will keep you safe xx”

Pro skater Matt added: “Thank you @Schoffe for your bravery and honesty. Being your friend and colleague for the past 15 years I’m sending you and your family all the love and support. #loveislove.”

Dancing On Ice continues this Sunday night live on ITV.

This weekend each couple will be performing a themed skate based on a classic dance genre, from Morris dancing to salsa.


At the end of the episode, another celebrity will be sent home in the latest elimination.

Dancing On Ice airs at 6PM tonight.