Dancing On Ice return: FIVE big changes planned for new series

Torvill and Dean confirm new set, new professionals - and their new judging roles

ITV has revealed some of the big changes we can expect from Dancing On Ice’s return in 2018


They include a fresh look, a spectacular set, and new roles for Torvill and Dean.

Earlier this month, bosses ended weeks of speculation by confirming that the celebrity talent contest will be revived next year.

It previously ran for nine series between 2006 and 2014, ending with an ‘All-Stars’ edition won by Ray Quinn.

The new version will share some similarities with the old, with bosses reuniting the show’s dream team.

Original presenters Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield are back, as are ice skating legends Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.

But when they all appeared together on today’s edition of This Morning, it was revealed there will be at least five major changes.


Dancing On Ice 2018 new logo

Dancing On Ice has a brand new look

A brand new era for Dancing On Ice means it has been given a brand new look.

The script-style logos of old have been replaced by a contemporary font, with the word ‘Ice’ styled to look like a trail left by an ice skate.

Philip also said the show would get “new titles” and “new music”. However, it seems the iconic theme tune won’t change too much, as it was played during the segment.

The show will have a purpose-built set – with TWO rinks

ITV is investing in a spectacular new home for Dancing On Ice, which will bring all of the contestants’ activities under one roof for the first time.

Dancing On Ice comeback announced on This Morning

It will feature not one but TWO ice rinks – a redesigned studio rink, where the live shows will be filmed, and a training rink, where the celebs will practise their routines. They will be connected by a tunnel.


“We’re gonna have a whole new home, which we’re really excited about,” Christopher grinned. “It’s either gonna be the Tunnel of Glory or the Tunnel of Doom!”

It’s currently unclear where the new studio will be based. Previous series were filmed at Elstree Studios and Shepperton Studios.

Torvill and Dean are now the head judges

Previously, Torvill and Dean coached the celebrities to get them in tip-top shape for their live performances.

However, the Olympic gold medallists now have new roles as heads of the Ice Panel – meaning they’ll be judging those performances instead.

“We’re excited but nervous at the same time,” Jayne said. “We’ve never been judges, we’ve always been the person creating.”

Christopher added that they’d be “good, honest judges”, saying: “We never wanted to be critical, but now it’s our job to be critical! We want to critique as opposed to maybe criticise.”

There will be two other judges, with former Jason Gardiner confirmed to be returning while Diversity dancer Ashley Banjo is rumoured as a fourth judge.


Dancing On Ice comeback announced on This Morning

There will be brand new professional dancers

Producers are giving the show a different flavour by bringing in a new batch of professional partners for the celebs.

However, it won’t all be fresh faces. Christopher promised that some of the former favourites will be back – though he didn’t name any names.

“We’re gonna have some old pros,” he said. “Some really good faces that were part of the character of Dancing On Ice, but a whole new load of professionals as well.”

The contestants will have to choreograph their own routines

Now that Torvill and Dean are judges, it will be up to the celebs and their pros to come up with their own concepts and ideas for their routines.

“Because we don’t really know some of the new professional skaters, we don’t know what kind of material they’re gonna come up with,” Jayne explained. “I think it’ll be a genuine surprise.”


“I think each competitor, they’re gonna want to be jumping on to the next thing,” Christopher predicted. “They wanna push themselves. It’s live TV, there’s so much jeopardy involved!”

Meanwhile, it seems that it’s not just the TV show that’s back, as he let slip that there “may be” a Dancing On Ice live tour as well.

“The tour will follow, so we’re looking forward to that,” Jayne added.


The new series of Dancing On Ice is expected to begin on ITV early next year.

The series typically launches in January on Sunday nights.