Cheryl Hole spills all about her time on Celebrity MasterChef


Cheryl Hole has revealed all about taking part in the new series of Celebrity MasterChef.

Drag artist Cheryl is one of five celebs taking part in the latest heat on BBC One tonight.

Ahead of facing judges John and Gregg, Cheryl has spilled about her time on the show, saying of signing up: “I always want to challenge myself.

Cheryl Hole
Cheryl Hole. Credit: BBC/Shine TV

“I think in life, when you become complacent things don’t really go anywhere. You’ve always got to try new things, new environments, new settings, and cooking has never been a forté of mine, so I want the challenge.”

Cheryl shares: “Going into the workroom on Drag Race and walking into MasterChef was a very similar experience. You’re transported to that thing that you watch on TV and suddenly I’m in there. It’s a very surreal experience but you have to snap back to reality and remind yourself you’ve got a task to do.”

And the Drag Race star has been working hard to prepare for the challenge.

“I have been cooking my little Essex bum off!” Cheryl says, “Trying new things, trying different things that I never actually thought I would like – who would have thought that I like coriander? But here I am!

“I will throw my heart into anything that I do, and I just hope that it all pays off. I want to keep going through each milestone and push myself to the limit.”

Cheryl continues: “The only person that has truly experienced my cooking is my husband and he is definitely the cook of the family. Maybe him being the chef for us all has been a hindrance to me because I haven’t had too many opportunities. But now I’m proving I can do this as well!”

However Cheryl does have one special dish: “I’ve made it before and I was really blown away – I really enjoyed making this gumbo, it was a New Orleans gumbo with prawns and cod, and it had Cajun seasoning. We did it with rice and it was gorgeous.”

Celebrity MasterChef airs on BBC One and iPlayer from Wednesday, 16 August at 9PM.

Also on this week’s episode are actor, singer and songwriter Jamelia, musician Locksmith, singer and former glamour model, Sam Fox and opera singer and broadcaster, Wynne Evans.