Who’s on Celebrity MasterChef 2023 tonight? This week’s third line up of celebs revealed


Celebrity MasterChef 2023 continues this week with its third of fourth heats.

The new series welcomes a super star line up of celebs from across music, comedy, drama, and show business, each seeking to claim the title of Celebrity MasterChef 2023 Champion.

Across the 2023 series, John Torode and Gregg Wallace will be back to judge the celebs on their culinary adventure.

Cheryl Hole cooking
Cheryl Hole cooking

The penultimate week of heats introduces five more famous faces ready to tackle the challenge.

Among them are drag artist Cheryl Hole, versatile entertainer Jamelia, musician Locksmith, singer and former glamour model Sam Fox, and accomplished opera singer and broadcaster Wynne Evans.

The initial trial for these aspiring cooks is Under the Cloche. Each celebrity is presented with a cloche, concealing a distinct ingredient. Armed with access to a larder, they are tasked with crafting a single plate of food that brilliantly highlights their assigned ingredient, aiming to convince the discerning judges of their potential.

In the climactic examination of culinary ingenuity, the celebrities face the Dinner Party Dishes” challenge. Within a tight timeframe of just one hour and fifteen minutes, they must prepare both a captivating main course and an exquisite dessert—dishes that would dazzle any guest attending a dinner party.

As the clock ticks, the celebrities labour tirelessly in a final bid to prove their prowess to the discerning John and Gregg. However, only one of them will emerge triumphant from this test, while the rest will face elimination.

On taking part in the show, Cheryl Hole said: “I always want to challenge myself. I think in life, when you become complacent things don’t really go anywhere. You’ve always got to try new things, new environments, new settings, and cooking has never been a forté of mine, so I want the challenge.

Jamelia said: “I wanted to do MasterChef because I want to learn, I also want to be an example to my daughters. I’ve got four daughters and I want to show them what it looks like when you’re courageous. When you feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Jamelia cooking
Jamelia cooking

Locksmith shared: “Cooking isn’t my thing so I’m jumping out of my comfort zone, which is something I love to do and that is the main reason why I signed up.

Sam Fox added: “Hopefully my imagination and my creativity will go into my cooking. I am a foodie and I’m willing to try anything.”

And Wynne Evans said: “I wanted to do Celebrity MasterChef so I could learn some tips, improve my skills and try to get better at cooking for the kids. I want to be able to surprise people a bit more when they come round and say ‘oh look what I’ve done with this poussin!”

Those who make the cut will make it into the next round, one step closer to becoming Celebrity Masterchef winner.

Celebrity MasterChef airs this week on Wednesday, 16 August at 9PM; Thursday, 17 August at 8PM and Friday, 18 August at 9PM.