Charlotte Crosby reveals the scenes Geordie Shore refused to air

Charlotte Crosby has revealed the scenes that MTV refused to show during her time on Geordie Shore.


It seems some of Charlotte’s antics were too extreme even for Geordie Shore bosses.

In a new interview, Charlotte spilled about how she was filmed “trying out sex toys for size” while on the show.

“I’ve pretty much done it all, some of it hasn’t even been shown what I did,” Charlotte confessed. “I had a really good time when we all did stuff to do with our bums.”

She told The Sun newspaper: “The girls wouldn’t do it on Geordie Shore, so I just did it alone, but it wasn’t shown, I think it was just too far.

“Geordie Shore does not want butt plugs.”

Charlotte made the comments as she promotes her brand new reality show, The Charlotte Show.


The series currently airs on Wednesday nights at 9PM On MTV.

And she’s said the new show won’t be ‘edited’ to hide certain parts of her life.

“On Snapchat and Instagram you see the best version of myself,” she admitted last month.

Speaking to star magazine, Charlotte explained: “You don’t see the raw moments where I’m on my hands and knees crying because I’ve done something wrong or I regret something.”

“So this is a window to my life. But of course there’s some partying too,” she added.

However there will be one thing viewers won’t see.


She told The Sun: “I made the decision myself – I told them in the first initial meeting. No sexy, sexy, sexy parts to be shown.

“You see me do some kissing but there will be absolutely no bedroom action. Everything else on the show will be laid bare though.”