Channel 5 announces new series with Michael Palin: Into Nigeria

Michael Palin: Nigeria

Channel 5 has revealed the location of the eagerly anticipated third series with Michael Palin.


Provisionally titled Michael Palin: Into Nigeria, the upcoming show marks a new chapter in Palin’s travelogue series, following his critically acclaimed journeys to Iraq in 2022 and North Korea.

Michael Palin: Into Nigeria is a three-part series, covering a 1,300-mile expedition through the heart of Nigeria. It’s a significant venture for Palin, as this is his first visit to the country, a nation predicted to become the world’s third most populous by 2050. The series aims to shed light on the complex realities of Nigeria, moving beyond the common media narratives of corruption and violence.

Palin’s journey through Nigeria is an exploration of the country’s diverse cultures, its challenges, and its potential. From experiencing life in the bustling city of Lagos to navigating the Islamic North, Palin’s adventure is not just about discovering a country but understanding its place in the modern world.

The series reflects on Nigeria’s economic potential, cultural richness, and the contrasts of wealth and poverty.

The series also brings to light the challenges of travelling in Nigeria, with Palin and his team navigating through areas with risks of roadside attacks and kidnappings, necessitating armed guards for safety.

Michael Palin said: “Nigeria has the biggest economy, and the biggest population in Africa. The potential of the country is enormous, but so are its problems. Visiting the country for the first time, I saw these problems at first hand, but also caught a whiff of the excitement and energy of the place.


“Sometimes inspiring, sometimes a perplexing challenge, my journey through this rich, raucous mix of a country hardly gave me time to draw breath. I came home exhausted but exhilarated. And, as in the best of journeys, feeling I know a lot more about the world.”

Accompanying the series will be a book, set to be published next year, providing deeper insights into Palin’s experiences and observations in Nigeria.

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