Channel 4 offers up A Taste of Italy in new culinary travel series

Channel 4 has announced new culinary travel series A Taste of Italy.


Channel 4 will partner with Filippo Berio for the new ten-part series, helmed by chef and restaurateur Nisha Katona.

A teaser shares: “Nisha Katona embarks on a path less travelled to reveal Italy’s hidden foodie gems.

“On a voyage to uncover recipes and ingredients passed down for generations, Nisha shows us a different side of Italy and demonstrates unique, mouth-watering dishes that go beyond pizza and pasta.

“Travelling to cities such as Orvieto in Umbria, Bari in the Puglia region and Lucca in Tuscany, Nisha takes in the stunning landscapes and historic architecture of each location, as well as meeting a local chef to learn the regional secrets that influence their dishes.

“Nisha teaches us to see Italian cookery in a new and exciting way, inspiring us to try more authentic Italian cuisine for ourselves.”

Deborah Dunnett, commissioning editor for Channel 4, said: “A Taste of Italy is truly escapist television, transporting us to gorgeous, sunnier climes as well as serving up so much mouth-watering food. Nisha is a really clever chef and she has a unique perspective on Italian cooking that I hope will inspire viewers to try new dishes for themselves.”

Josh Wilson, Managing Director of programme makers Wilson Worldwide Productions, added: “To executive produce and be involved in a project that has been filmed during the height of the pandemic has been a great team achievement.


“The series does an amazing job of capturing the culturally diverse and rich history of cuisine in Italy, and Nisha’s exuberant enthusiasm takes viewers on an exciting journey of discovery through some of Italy’s known and unknown culinary delights.”

A Taste of Italy begins on Sunday 14th February at 7:25PM on More4.

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