Captain Tom: What Happened Next? Channel 5 documentary

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Channel 5 is to explore the legacy of Captain Tom in a brand new documentary.


In a follow up to last year’s Captain Tom: Where did the Money Go?, a new 90-minute special will air this Sunday night.

Captain Tom: What Happened Next? will delve into the final chapter of the Captain Tom Foundation charity’s rise and fall

During the peak of the pandemic, Captain Sir Tom Moore became a symbol of hope and resilience. His remarkable effort to complete 100 laps around his garden before his 100th birthday motivated many, resulting in an impressive donation of £40 million to the NHS, all with the steadfast support of his family.

However concerns were made about how funds raised from book sales and other income linked to his foundation had been used.

With the last demolition of the spa constructed by Captain Tom Moore’s family, this documentary uncovers one of the most astonishing stories of recent times, exploring what truly happened to the funds contributed by the British public.

The film investigates if Captain Tom’s legacy has been compromised and whether this regrettable tale is now concluded.

Captain Tom: What Happened Next? airs tonight (4 February) at 9PM on Channel 5.