Captain Tom fundraiser documentary comes to Channel 5

Channel 5 will air an investigative documentary on Captain Tom’s fundraising efforts tonight.

The broadcaster will partner with ITN Productions for a 90-minute documentary titled Captain Tom: Where did the Money Go?

The film promises an in-depth examination into how the immense funds raised by Captain Sir Tom Moore were utilized.

During the height of the pandemic, Captain Sir Tom Moore emerged as a beacon of hope and resilience. His extraordinary endeavour to walk 100 laps of his garden before his centennial birthday inspired many, culminating in a staggering £40 million donation to the NHS, all achieved with the unwavering support of his devoted family.

Sir Tom’s soaring popularity also reflected in the book market. A vast number of people purchased his books, with the common assumption that proceeds would benefit the Captain Tom’s Foundation. However, growing concerns surround the allocation of the funds garnered from book sales and other revenues associated with his foundation.

Captain Tom: Where did the Money Go? will air on Channel 5 and My5 from 9PM on Sunday, 12 November.

Channel 5 Commissioning Editors, Unscripted, Channel 5 and Paramount+, Federico Ruiz and Adrian Padmore said: “Like everyone else in the country, we’ve been gobsmacked by the developments in this story. The deeper you dig, the further the rabbit hole goes.

“Where did the Captain Tom money go? Forget what you already know; after watching this doc you’ll be seriously questioning every single penny you’ve ever given away for a good cause.”

Andy Dunn, Executive Producer, ITN Productions added: “Nobody can forget the enormity of Captain Sir Tom Moore’s achievement during COVID, raising tens of millions for the NHS. It was a global phenomenon and he inspired so many.

“This documentary will examine Captain Tom’s legacy, paying tribute to the man who won the nation’s hearts but also unpick the claims and allegations that have thrown his charitable foundation into turmoil.”

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