Call The Midwife (Series 13, Episode 7)

Call The Midwife Series 13 Episode 7

In October 1969, Rosalind and Joyce are elated to receive their red cardigans.


Sister Julienne awards Joyce the prestigious Violet Albany Prize for achieving the highest marks in her midwifery exams in east London. Shelagh organises a photo session for the Gazette outside Nonnatus House.

Joyce takes charge of Gerri Godfrey’s care, a single mother expecting her second child. Amidst this, Joyce encounters an unexpected visitor from her past, compelling her to concentrate on her patient.

Matthew and Trixie face financial difficulties, with Trixie’s insomnia leading her to seek advice from Dr Turner. Matthew receives a promising opportunity from a former colleague to alleviate their financial strain.

Nurse Crane and Rosalind address menstruation and contraception at the Kingsley Toy Factory, facing a raucous crowd. They discover 16-year-old Alison Casey is hiding her pregnancy, and Rosalind suspects a problem during Alison’s check-up.

Meanwhile, Fred’s plan to create Halloween lanterns from turnips results in an excessive order.

The turnips mistakenly delivered outside Violet’s shop cause a stir, leading Fred to enlist Cyril’s help. Miss Higgins and Nurse Crane devise a creative solution for the surplus turnips.


Call The Midwife airs on BBC One on Sunday, 24 February at 8PM.

The episode is the seventh from the show’s thirteenth series.