Britain’s Got Talent comic Robert White reveals why he’s constantly fired from jobs

Britain’s Got Talent comedian Robert White has told how he has been constantly fired from his jobs.

Robert was one of the first acts we met this series when auditions kicked off at the weekend.

The 41-year-old music teacher and comedian from West Sussex performed musical comedy, singing a song about the judges.

He got four yeses through to the next round after leaving the panel in stitches with his gags.

But it seems not everyone appreciates Robert’s jokes.

 Robert White
Robert White

Robert, who opened up to the judges about having has autism and Asperger syndrome, revealed: “I constantly got fired from jobs – 36 jobs in seven years. Everything from telesales through to being a music teacher.”

In an interview previous to his Britain’s Got Talent audition, Robert explained: “Once, I was at work and I was trying to do something clever with my pay and the manager said to me: Are you trying to be clever? and I said Yes and I got fired.

“Another time, there was this list of things you could not do at a call centre and it was such a specific list that I noticed it did not state that you couldn’t answer the phone wearing a Gareth Gates face mask. So I put on a Gareth Gates mask and got fired.”

He added: “Performing comedy makes me feel I fit in. The problem is that, because I don’t understand social relationships, sometimes I can go a bit wobbly.”

Robert and the other successful acts from the weekend’s auditions are currently waiting to find out if they’ll make the live shows later this year.

Other acts on Saturday’s first episode of Britain’s Got Talent included circus performer Sascha Williams who performed a Rola Bola acrobatic act.

Robert White
Robert White

We also met NHS Blood and Transplant’s B-Positive Choir which sang Andra Day’s Rise Up’ and DVJ aka Diversity Junior, a dance group guided by Diversity’s Ashley Banjo.

Plus, there was Matt Johnson, who performed an escapology trick, locked and chained inside a tank filled with water.

Britain’s Got Talent 2018 currently continues with more auditions Saturday nights on ITV.