Britain’s Got Talent’s Amanda Holden spills all on her ‘date’ with Simon Cowell

Amanda Holden has spilled all on her one-time ‘date’ with Simon Cowell.


Although she insists it was never actually a date in her eyes

“First of all, it wasn’t a date!” Amanda said of her history with Simon.

“Simon calls it a date, I call it dinner!” she told Heart Radio this week.

Revealing what went on between the pair some years ago, Amanda revealed: “I don’t think he’s ever been on a date where it’s just him and somebody else, because he’s actually quite shy and I don’t think he’s very good on a one to one.

“There were a lot of other people there including my friends and we were in Los Angeles for a friend’s birthday, and I sat next to him at dinner and we had a really lovely dinner.

“My taxi was already booked for 10.30pm and I have to say when it did come I was gutted – but it wasn’t a date!”


Amanda will return to TV alongside Simon, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon for Britain’s Got Talent’s new series this evening.

Auditions took place earlier this year and as well as the usual singers and dancers there was also a plate smashing routine that ended in chaos and a moving performance from a victim of the Manchester Arena bombing.

Only a few hundred made it through to the semi-finals later in the year after showing off their talents in front of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent judges.


Auditions for Britain’s Got Talent 2018 will continue on ITV this evening.

The second episode kicks off tonight at 8PM.