Britain’s Got Talent sees moving audition from Manchester bomb victim Hollie Booth

Hollie Booth and friends impress the judges

A girl who survived the bombing at Manchester Arena auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent this evening.


Along with friends, Hollie Booth performed for the judges at auditions in Manchester in Saturday’s show.

13-year-old Hollie was injured and lost her aunt in the devastating attack at an Ariana Grande concert last May, which killed 22 and injured over 500.

The teenager appeared on stage in a wheelchair after suffering two broken legs in the blast.

“It’s always difficult coming to Manchester,” she told the panel at the audition earlier in the year. “This is the first time I’ve been anywhere that’s like an arena, it’s hard.”

Hollie and her friends made up a group of dancers called Rise, who performed to a number of hits including Ariana Grande’s hit One Last Time.


They got four yeses from the judges, plus a standing ovation from the audience.

Speaking about the audition and Hollie, Simon said: “God only knows how she dealt with that at her age, the affect it must still have. The fact that she got together with a bunch of friends and did something, more than just an act, it was a statement.

“It showed that the cowards can’t win and that she overcame it. I thought it was respectful, it was one of those moments I will never, ever forget.

“To come back in front of a theatre, and think about that for a moment after everything she’s been through – and in Manchester – you just have to go, ‘Respect’. I saw the friendship and their bond. I was so happy that they trusted us enough to come on our show. It was a good thing.”

Alesha added: “I would say that, for me that audition was bigger than the show, that’s the only way to describe the magnitude of what she’s been through and the moment of her performing on the show. It felt bigger than us. It was one of those moments where everyone is humbled. Everybody kind of gets lost in the reality of how cruel the world can be.

“It was an interesting audition because on one hand your heart is bleeding and you feel so sad, but by the end of the audition you’re completely uplifted because you’re watching this young girl do the most inspiring routine in such a beautiful way, that you then just felt this joy. I’d never experienced anything quite like it actually.”

Talking ahead of the auditions airing on TV, Alesha added: “I was trying so hard, obviously we were moved to tears, but I tried to keep it together, by the end we were smiling and happy crying. I’ve never experienced that on the show. I turned to Amanda and said, ‘This is bigger than us, this is a real moment where you are so proud to be a part of the show’.


“The show has given them the most incredible platform to remind us all how precious life is and to not take any of it for granted. She was magnificent.”

Britain’s Got Talent airs on Saturday nights, 8pm on ITV.

The Britain’s Got Talent judges for 2018 remain the same with Simon back alongside Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon for the 12th series.

BGT judges

Meanwhile, Ant and Dec will be back to host the main series at the audition stages.


However ITV has confirmed that Dec will go solo for the live sows later in the year.

It follows Ant stepping down from TV work to seek treatment in rehab.