Brian Dowling calls for Celebrity Big Brother to return

Former Big Brother host and winner Brian Dowling has called for a return of Celebrity Big Brother.

Big Brother was last broadcast in 2018 on Channel 5 after first airing in 2000 on Channel 4.

Brian rose to fame after winning both the second series as well as the Ultimate Big Brother spin-off in 2010. He went on to host the show when it moves to Channel 5 between 2011 and 2013.

Now he’s called on bosses to bring back the show’s Celebrity version, telling the Daily Mirror: “I’m surprised CBB hasn’t come back.

“I think maybe it will come back, I just think now with the pandemic and the last couple of years it’s tricky.

“But Celebrity should come back, people were always obsessed with it, people love seeing celebs without make up, and what they’re really like, and the drama!”

However Brian was less confident about the ‘civilian’ series, adding: “I think we have Love Island now and that’s our fix with that.”

Brian’s comments follow former Big Brother host Davina McCall saying that the show should have been rebooted during lockdown.

A potential Celebrity Big Brother reboot was vaguely rumoured last year, with E4 reportedly planning on airing the show in 2021.

As yet there has been no confirmed news about if we’ll ever see Big Brother on UK TV again.

Rylan Clark-Neal, who won the Celebrity show and hosted spin-off Bit On The Side, said in 2020 he was still ‘fighting’ for the format.

He said: “I will always sit here and fight for it to come back.

“Do I think it needed some rest? No, I didn’t think it needed the rest. I just think it needed changing and I think two years off has made people want it even more.”

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