Big Brother’s Jordan and Henry share huge relationship update with fans


Big Brother’s Jordan and Henry have made their relationship official!

The pair grew close during their time together in the Big Brother house this year, enjoying steamy kisses in the hot tub in the final weeks.

Since leaving, the pair have continued to spend time with each other now they’re made their relationship ‘Instagram official’.

Henry and Jordan

Jordan shared in a post on the social media website: “The ‘bf’ term might now be applicable… and I cannot stop smiling.”

He added in a caption of the pair of them inside the BB house: “From instant ‘sizing each other up’ (see velvet jackets) to something incredibly, indescribably special 💜”

It follows Jordan saying the pair were no longer using the word ‘platonic’ to describe their budding romance

Jordan admitted it had been “overwhelming” since last Friday’s final, where he was crowned winner and took home the £100,000 prize. Henry finished in the final in third place after both spent six weeks inside the house.

“Because I suppose I’ve been largely single all my life and not saying anything but it’s, it’s crazy and we’re trying to navigate things for us,” Jordan said.

He added: “I’m not using the P word anymore. The P word is done.”

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, Jordan revealed he and Henry already had a first date planned.

“I mean, it’s so surprising and we have something planned for tomorrow just us two, so we’re going for dinner, which will be nice,” Jordan said.

Henry added of the support from their fans: “It has been surprising how positive the reaction’s been.

“Like I would say, I’ve kind of been used to like people sort of putting me in a box of being a bit of like posho type person. But people have been so so supportive and lovely. Like it’s been really nice.”

Henry previously reacted to the pairs growing loyal army of online followers, who refer to the pair as ‘Jenry’.

Jordan and Henry

He laughed: “The ‘Jenry army’ are very strong. I can’t open my phone without seeing montages of us in the hot tub.”

You can catch on Big Brother’s recent series on ITVX now.

Big Brother will return on ITV2 and ITVX next year alongside a comeback of the celebrity series on ITV1.

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