Jordan reveals Big Brother prize money plans with Henry


Big Brother winner Jordan plans to whisk Henry away to New York.

Jordan triumphed over his close pal in last Friday’s final, with Henry finishing in third place as Jordan took home the £100,000 prize money.

The pair grew very close during their time in the house, enjoying steamy kisses in the hot tub in their final week.

Henry and Jordan

Speaking following the final about his plans for the prize money, Jordan shared: “I haven’t seen the money yet. I trust that it’s coming. But no plans, really. Maybe New York with Henry. Who knows?

“Maybe Christmas time? A bit of Home Alone 2,” he added to the Metro.

In a separate interview with The Sun, Jordan revealed he was keen to avoid returning to his old job in law.

He said: “I don’t want to go back to a day job. I’ve worked in supermarkets, I loved working in Sainsbury’s, that was a good day job – but law, no. I’m done, signed out.’

Jordan hinted he would be up for more appearances on reality TV, adding: “Definitely, you’ve got to keep the money coming in.”

Meanwhile, he reacted to the army of ‘Jenry’ fans: “It’s overwhelming because we didn’t think anyone was watching so we’re so thankful people have been watching it… People have been relishing it.”

Big Brother Jordan and Henry kiss

However he insisted the pair’s relationship was “platonic”, revealing: “Henry stayed at mine last night but there was no funny business.”

As for Henry, he said of Jordan: “We were just talking this morning. It’s been less than 48 hours since we saw each other, yet we seem to be really missing each other, which is really bizarre.

“But yeah, I’m really excited to see him. We’ve got loads of things to do – we’re going to paint the town red.”

Jordan and Henry

And Henry laughed: “The ‘Jenry army’ are very strong. I can’t open my phone without seeing montages of us in the hot tub.”

Big Brother will return on ITV2 and ITVX next year alongside a reboot of the celebrity series.

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