Big Brother housemates compete for cash in latest task

Big Brother’s latest task has seen the housemates go head to head in a race to win cold, hard cash.


In the house today (Sunday), the housemates woke up to be quickly gathered by Big Brother.

Big Brother announced: “Today you will all be competing for cold hard cash

big brother ice cube task

“The aim of the game of is simple: Retrieve the key from a block of ice first and you’ll win £1,000 in cash.”

In the garden, each housemate had to stand behind a podium with a key frozen in a giant ice cube. The first to free their key – without moving their cube – would win the money.

Unfortunately Yinrun was one of the first out of the game after she was disqualified for moving her ice cube.


Tune in to Big Brother on Monday night on ITV2 to find out who wins the money.

Yinrun fails the task

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that the friends and family of the housemates will surprise the housemates later this week.

Speaking on spin-off show Late & Live last night, host AJ Odudu revealed that the housemates would be pairing up to man Big Brother’s Security Hut.

They’ll be told their job is to stop any intruders making their way into the house unaware that the guests will be none other than their friends and family.

Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

The most recent episode on Sunday night featured a Hunger Games twist that saw the housemates split in two.

Making up District A were Chanelle, Henry, Matty, Noky and Tom. On District B were Jenkin, alongside Jordan, Olivia, Trish, and Yinrun.


The groups took part in a series of challenges and at the end of them all it was District A who won.

They were rewarded with immunity for one of their team, choosing Chanelle. District B on the other hand had to nominate one of their team to face eviction, with Jenkin left up for the axe.

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