Before We Die cast: Meet the full cast of Channel 4 drama

Meet the Before We Die 2021 cast

New drama Before We Die has arrived on Channel 4 – here’s a full run down of who’s on the cast.


The series is based on the hit Swedish show of the same name and set in Bristol.

The show is described as a “breathless crime thriller, full of heart-stopping jeopardy and unpredictable twists”.

Before We Die 2021 cast

Here’s a full rundown of who’s on the cast of series 1 of Before We Die…

Lesley Sharp plays Hannah Laing
Patrick Gibson plays Christian Radic
Vincent Regan plays Billy Murdoch
Bill Ward plays Sean Hardacre

Rebecca Scroggs plays Tina Carter
Steve Toussaint plays Leonard Kane
Toni Gojanovic plays Davor Mimica
Kazia Pelka plays Dubravka Mimica

Issy Knopfler plays Bianca Mimica
Petar Cvirn plays Stefan Vargic
Ryszard Turbiasz plays Zvonomir Mimica


Watch Before We Die on TV and online

Before We Die currently airs Wednesday nights at 9PM on Channel 4. The series has six episodes with the next on 9 June.

Alternatively, the full series will be available to watch online on All 4 following the airing of the first episode on 26 May.

A synopsis for the show shares: “When Detective Inspector Hannah Laing kisses her married lover Sean Hardacre goodbye one morning, she never imagines it will be the last time she will see her fellow detective alive. But Sean goes missing and his brutalised corpse is recovered the following day.

“Determined to find whoever is responsible for killing him, Hannah accesses one of Sean’s confidential contacts and persuades ‘Issy’ to help her unpick the tangled threads of Sean’s investigation into the Mimicas a tight-knit family who left Croatia for Bristol and now run a successful restaurant, where Christian, Hannah’s son now works.

“But under the guidance of the ruthless eldest son, Davor, the family are ambitious to expand their criminal activities, which risks stretching family bonds to breaking point. The Mimicas closeness as a family provides a painful contrast to Hannah’s fractured, dysfunctional relationship with her own son.


“Forced to operate undercover for fear of a criminal informer at Police HQ, Hannah and her sceptical new partner, Billy Murdoch, uncover a daring plot by the Mimicas to smuggle an enormous quantity of cocaine into the country. When Hannah also discovers Issy’s identity, however, she quickly realises there is far more at stake than bringing Sean’s killers to justice.”

Picture: Channel 4

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