The Apprentice candidates reveal truth about their ‘secret relationship’

Two candidates on The Apprentice have spoken out about rumours they hooked up on the show.

Anisa Topan and Andrew Brady were said to have got close when the current series was filming earlier this year.

“I’m a bit of a ladies’ man,” Andrew was quoted as saying in The Sun newspaper. “My mission on The Apprentice was to have fun, and I didn’t let myself down. I wasn’t surprised to hear people had been talking.”

A source spilled to the newspaper about the alleged fling: “He has always been a bit of a playboy. There was a lot of sexual tension between them for days and one night they ended up exploring their feelings for each other.

Andrew Brady
Andrew Brady

“It’s natural for people to connect after living together.

“But bosses impose a strict ban on sexual contact between candidates. It is in their contracts.”

A spokesperson for the show said they did not comment on “personal matters”.

This week saw both Anisa and Andrew fired from the show and now they’ve responded to the claims.

Anisa insisted to the Daily Mirror: “There was no time for anything there. It was all rumours, I’m completely happily married.”

Meanwhile, speaking to The Sun, Andrew said: Surely “that was just a rumour? Rumours are often true though aren’t they?

“I thought being on the show was going to be a big p*** up really. It was like student life, it felt like I was back at university again.

Anisa Topan
Anisa Topan

“I want to be remembered as a laddish candidate who didn’t take himself too seriously – that’s my legacy.”

Make of that what you will…

The Apprentice 2017 continues Wednesday nights on BBC One.

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