The Apprentice 2017 winner reveal shocks viewers

The winner of The Apprentice 2017 has been revealed – and fans have been left in shock.

It was Sarah Lynn AND James White who won The Apprentice 2017 in tonight’s results.

The surprise outcome was a first for the show in its history, as Lord Sugar decided to invest his cash in both candidates.

In a shock twist, when faced with the decision between the two candidates, Lord Sugar decided it was a dead heat, and picked both to be his business partner. Both winners will receive a £250,000 business investment and 50/50 partnership with the multi-millionaire business mogul.

The result got everyone who was watching talking and there were some brilliant reactions.

One fan joked on Twitter: “Hahaha next year in the final imagine ‘I’m sorry but none of you will be hired i’m skint x’ #TheApprentice”

“Imagine having a spare £250,000 just lying around. #TheApprentice #TheApprentices,” wrote another.

And former Apprentice winner Mark Wright posted: “God I better get out and earn some coin…. I need to loan Lord Sugar extra for this one #TheApprentice”

Others took aim at Lord Sugar’s decision.

One commented: “Lord Sugar to Michaela: ‘you have too many businesses to concentrate on your new one.’ 1 week later: ‘I’m investing in you both.’ #TheApprentice”

And some seemed seriously annoyed with the ‘cop out’.

“Are u taking the piss, I’ve been watching the apprentice for 12 weeks to find out they both win! Are u bantering? #theapprentice #TheApprentice2017” tweeted one viewer.

The Apprentice will return to BBC One next year.