The Apprentice 2017 results! Who left? Three fired at the interviews!

The Apprentice results! Who was fired tonight? Spoilers!

Three candidates have been fired from The Apprentice 2017 in tonight’s results.


The Apprentice 2017 winner is now just one step away from being confirmed with only Sarah Lynn and James White left in the running.

In this evening’s show, the remaining few candidates were given 24 hours to brush up on their business plans before facing the formidable interview process.

As is tradition on The Apprentice, in the penultimate show they got a grilling from four of Lord Sugar’s trusted advisors, Claude Littner, Claudine Collins, Mike Soutar and Linda Plant.

One by one, the Final Five were called in to face the music with Lord Sugar’s unremitting mentors. Armed with CV’s and business plans, the advisors showed no mercy as plans were interrogated and characters questioned.

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There were lots of awkward moments before the penultimate boardroom.

Who left The Apprentice 2017?

After hearing from the interviewers, Lord Sugar made his final decision and it was Joanna Jarjue, Elizabeth Mckenna and Michaela Wain who were all sent packing tonight.

First to go was Joanna, with Lord Sugar saying: “I can’t go into business with somebody who has no knowledge of the market at all. Honestly and sincerely, you are a very intelligent young lady, there’s no question of that.

“But at this moment in time Joanna, I have to say to you, that you will not be my business partner and regretfully – you’re fired!”

Lord Sugar then fired Elizabeth: “Elizabeth, you’ve got three florist shops and you make a modest profit and the backbone of the economy of this country is made up of people like you.

“But you know I’m interested in big business and at this stage I can’t see the scaling up. So, it is with regret – you’re fired!”

Last to leave was Michaela: “Michaela, this business has got to be 100% with me and I don’t want you being de-focused somewhere else. So whether I am right or wrong, Michaela – you’re fired!”


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Who won The Apprentice 2017?

Speaking to James and Sarah, Lord Sugar concluded: “Congratulations you two, you’re in the final and I’ll see you on the next task, where one of you will become my business partner – off you go!”

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The Apprentice 2017 final is on TV on Sunday night, at 9PM, on BBC One.


The one hour show will see the final task and the winner crowned by Lord Sugar with the result being kept tightly under wraps.

Then at 10PM on BBC One, spin-off You’re Hired airs as host Rhod Gilbert is joined by the winner, the runner-up and Lord Sugar himself, plus all the other candidates from the series, for a look back at the show.