Antiques Roadshow tonight – rare Rolex, mysterious handbag, Antarctic photos

Antiques Roadshow Series 46 - Leeds

Antiques Roadshow continues tonight (1 October 2023) on BBC One with its latest episode.

This week, the Antiques Roadshow crew has landed at Roundhay Park in Leeds.

Among the items are a rare Rolex ‘double red’ Sea-Dweller watch, a mysterious gold handbag stashed away in a safety deposit box by an anonymous donor and a captivating album filled with rare Antarctic photographs.

Mark Hill takes a moment to appreciate a collection of art deco Goldscheider masks that certainly spark lively debates among the experts. Meanwhile, Wayne Colquhoun is absolutely thrilled by the beautifully carved wooden tableware crafted by the renowned maker Robert Thompson, affectionately known as Mouseman.

Marc Allum’s excitement knows no bounds when he lays eyes on an album containing priceless photographs from an Antarctic expedition. This treasure had been languishing in obscurity in a Leeds library, waiting for its moment to shine. Susan Rumfitt is captivated by the intriguing story behind the mysterious gold handbag that found its way into a Yorkshire family’s possession through an anonymous benefactor.

Bill Harriman, the show’s militaria expert, wonders at the intricate details of a Second World War spy radio transmitter. Imagine this device, dropped behind enemy lines for use by undercover agents during those tumultuous times.

But the surprises don’t stop there. The team also delves into a fascinating selection of modern-day treasures, including a colourful array of Carlton Ware moneyboxes. And in a nostalgic twist, Mark Hill can’t resist the urge to relive the past by engaging in a game of Space Invaders on an original table-top gaming system.

Antiques Roadshow airs at 8PM on BBC One tonight, 1 October 2023 at 8PM.

The episode is a brand new one from series 46.

You can also watch episodes online via the BBC iPlayer here.