The Gathering release date, cast and trailer for new Channel 4 drama

The Gathering is the brand new thriller coming to Channel 4 this month.


Starting Tuesday, 14 May at 9PM, the series is a new six-part drama produced by the award-winning World Productions, known for shows like Line of Duty and Vigil.

The show is written by acclaimed writer and director Helen Walsh, making her television debut with this original script.

Newcomer Eva Morgan and Sadie Soverall will play the lead roles of Kelly and Jessica, respectively. They are joined by Vinette Robinson as Jessica’s pushy mother Natalie, Warren Brown as Kelly’s hardworking single parent Paul and Richard Coyle as successful solicitor Jules.

Watch a first trailer below…

The Gathering revolves around a violent attack on a teenage girl that takes place during a rave on a tidal islet.


The story is set on Merseyside and focuses on a group of teenagers from different backgrounds, all of whom could be suspects in the crime, along with their parents, who also come under suspicion.

Eva Morgan’s character, Kelly, is the victim of the attack and is part of two contrasting groups of teens. On one hand, she is an accomplished gymnast aiming for world-class competitions, but she faces conflicts with her teammates and their competitive parents.

On the other hand, Kelly associates with urban free-runners, whose carefree lifestyle clashes with the discipline of competitive sports. The show delves into the complexities of contemporary life and teenage struggles.

The series also features Sonny Walker as Adam and newcomers Luca Kamleh-Chapman as Bazi and Hebron Tedros as Dessie.

The Gathering explores the ways in which today’s parents project their agendas onto their teenagers and the challenges of balancing freedom and safety in a world driven by social media.

It raises questions about parental responsibility and the level of involvement parents should have in their children’s lives.


The Gathering starts on Channel 4 from Tuesday, 14 May at 9PM.

Writer Helen Walsh said: “I’m thrilled to have a brilliant cast on board led by such established talent. Our young actors, many of whom are newcomers, have wowed us with their raw and heartfelt depictions of teenagers having to navigate adult problems in morally ambiguous worlds.”

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