Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win reveals record cash prize

Ant & Dec’s hit show, Limitless Win, is set to make history in its upcoming third series.

The popular ITV1 show has announced that it will award a record-breaking cash prize of £1 million, the largest sum in the programme’s history.

Limitless Win, known for its unique concept of offering an unlimited cash jackpot, has captivated audiences since its debut in 2022.

This groundbreaking format has led to significant wins, including Katherine and Will from the first series, who secured a life-altering £500,000.

Ant & Dec hosting Limitless Win on ITV

The show’s success is evident in its viewing figures. Ranking in the top ten entertainment series across all channels and programmes, its second series boasted an average viewership of 4 million.

The brand new trailer from the new series released today reveals the top prize win.

Watch the promo now below…

The new series of Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win begins on Saturday, 6 January at 8:30PM on ITV1.

Speaking about the new series recently, Ant revealed: “More contestants climb over a million pounds on our ladder than we’ve ever had before. And big wins. What can I say about the big wins Dec?”

To which Dec playfully responded: “Not too much! Although safe to say, it’s a groundbreaking series in more ways than one.”

Find out about how to apply for Limitless Win online here.