Ant & Dec tease ‘groundbreaking series’ of Limitless Win with ‘big wins’

Ant and Dec return in January with an exciting new series of their hit game show Limitless Win.


In a recent interview, they shared a glimpse of what the audience can expect, promising more excitement, big wins and engaging moments.

“More drama, more tension, more fun, and more wins than ever before!” exclaimed Ant, capturing the essence of the upcoming series.

Dec chimed in, saying: “Plus of course more ‘shout at the telly’ questions which the whole family can have a go at.”

This series is set to break records, with Ant revealing: “More contestants climb over a million pounds on our ladder than we’ve ever had before. And big wins. What can I say about the big wins Dec?” To which Dec playfully responded: “Not too much! Although safe to say, it’s a groundbreaking series in more ways than one.”

When asked about the show’s success, Ant attributed it to the ‘shout at the telly’ style questions, while Dec emphasized the show’s universal appeal: “It’s so play along. The whole family can sit round and have a go at every question.”

ant dec limitless win


Ant and Dec on their role in ‘Take Two with Ant and Dec’

Discussing their involvement with the ‘Take Two with Ant and Dec’ lifeline, Ant confessed: “Well we are better. We’re more prepared. Season 2 was a bit of a shock, wasn’t it?” Dec agreed, adding: “Yes, my heart still does sink every time the Take Two lifeline comes up.”

Ant continued: “We’ve only got 30 seconds and it takes us 20 seconds to get round the desk as we’ve only got little legs!”

Dec further elaborated: “The pressure is huge when you’re playing for these contestants to get them further up the ladder and possibly win serious amounts of cash.”

Ant proudly concluded: “But I’m proud to say we did, without giving too much away. We did get some spot on and help some contestants win a considerable amount of money.”

Meme-Worthy moments and contestant preparation

Ant and Dec are known for their spontaneous reactions, and this series is no different. Dec assured: “Oh, absolutely, we get so carried away. We’re just so invested in every couple that play the game.”

Ant added: “In fact, I actually jumped on the desk this series,” to which Dec responded: “You got told off for that didn’t you. But you did nearly break the desk.”

The contestants themselves are coming more prepared than ever. Ant observed: “Contestants are coming this series with proper research, spreadsheets, things written down on bits of paper.”


Dec noted the increasing challenge: “Going into series three people have been doing loads of research and come really prepared. No wonder we’ve had more people going further up the ladder than ever before.”

Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win Series 3 will start Saturday, 6 January on ITV1 and ITVX