Animal Park start date for new series in 2023 on BBC One

Animal Park 2023 start date for new episodes

A brand new series of Animal Park for 2023 arrives on BBC One this August.

Presenters Ben Fogle and Kate Humble return together with wildlife photographer Hamza Yassin and zoologist Megan McCubbin who first joined the show last summer.

The four-piece will be back at Longleat Safari Park for fifteen new episodes next month.

Kate Humble and Ben Fogle with two Longleat zebra Landrovers
Animal Park: Kate Humble and Ben Fogle with two Longleat zebra Landrovers. Credit: BBC/Remarkable Television

In this series, the team is taking a remarkable leap forward, forging stronger connections with the animals through groundbreaking technology and gaining access to exclusive, behind-the-scenes locations for filming.

With these cutting-edge advancements, we can showcase the extraordinary lengths the dedicated keepers go to when caring for their beloved animals. Prepare to witness a whole new dimension of animal conservation and exploration as we delve deeper into their world than ever before.

Animal Park returns to BBC One on Monday, 7 August at 1:45PM. You can also watch the series on iPlayer.

In the first episode, the show continues to follow the lives of Amur tigers Rusty and Yuki, born in the park thre years ago. Rusty is now fully grown and ready to participate in an endangered species breeding program, which requires him to leave the park.

However, before he can go, the keepers and vet team must give him a health check, which includes a risky sedation procedure. During the check, Rusty’s heart stops, and the team must act quickly.

Meanwhile, another keeper faces a different challenge with a trio of ferrets who need to lose weight. They are put through a fitness plan and an obstacle course to encourage foraging.

Megan McCubbin sat with meerkats.
Animal Park: Megan McCubbin sat with meerkats. Credit: BBC/Remarkable Television

Elsewhere, Kate gets up close with the park’s southern white rhinos, and wildlife photographer Hamza Yassin captures moments with his powerful zoom lens.

Plus, Zoologist Megan McCubbin introduces a new enrichment for Cuban crocodiles – a shower to replicate their natural habitat.

Animal Park airs on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer with past series available to watch online now.

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