Alexandra Burke offers her advice to this year’s X Factor contestants


Alexandra Burke has offered her tips to this year’s X Factor contestants.

Alex won the show in 2008, beating JLS in the live final.

A decade on, Alex remains in the public eye and recently released her latest album.

Offering her advice for this year’s acts based on her time on the show, Alex said: “I’d probably tell myself to believe in me even more and not read any negative press.

“Back then I was only 19 so caught up in reading anything that was negative. It made me mentally sick.

“I’d tell myself to stay away from it, because there’s so much love in this world and there are great people who aren’t trolls.”

In an interview with Star magazine, Alexandra also spoke about her time on Strictly last year.

The singer faced a lot of nasty comments online and admitted: “It was definitely difficult to go through that, and the negativity.”

However she added: “O also know that, on balance, there was so much love and support out there. Yes, it did get to me, because it would get to anyone.

“But a the end of the day, those who know me well enough know what I’m like and who I am. That’s all that really matters.”

Alexandra’s new record The Truth Is charted at Number 16 in March’s charts, selling just over 3,000 copies.

The former X Factor winner had been away from the Top 40 for a good few years, despite a successful debut era after winning the ITV series.

Her first album in 2009 went to Number 1 along with hit singles including Start Without You, Bad Boys and winner’s song Hallelujah.

However Alexandra’s career stalled when her follow up suffered repeated delays.

It wasn’t until 2012 that Alexandra released a second album, Heartbreak on Hold, which only peaked at Number 18.