You Won’t Believe This: Ellie Taylor to front new Channel 4 game show

Ellie Taylor is to front a brand new Channel 4 entertainment game show.


Titled You Won’t Believe This, the show will see members of the public hear unbelievable stories from a succession of ‘suspects’ – but only one of them is telling the truth.

If they can spot the truth they’ll win a cash prize. If they pick a liar, then that person will take home the money.

Channel 4 share: “To help them work out who it is, they’ll have the luxury of help from seasoned police detectives who put each suspect through a bells and whistles police interrogation.

“Using tactics they’re used to deploying on criminals, they’ll be digging into the stories prodding, probing and pouring over every detail giving them the grilling of their lives from the pressure cooker environment of an interrogation cell.

“It’s up to the suspects to do a convincing job of selling the fact that they did indeed live as a goat, try to pick their way out of a giant freezer with a bone or drink turtle blood when shipwrecked.”

You Won’t Believe This will air on Channel 4 from Tuesday, 22 November at 10PM.


In the first episode, four people tell a story of how they opted out of civilisation, and four more all claim to have had the worst first date ever.

Ellie is joined by amateur sleuths Karen, who’s 60, from Kent, and Antony, 39, from West Sussex, who attempt to flush out the truth tellers in a bid to walk away with the money. With claims ranging from living as an alpine goat to declaring that they joined a sacrificial cult, can they spot whose pants are on fire?

The show is one of two to be fronted by Ellie and made by Talkback alongside two-parter Let’s Make a Love Scene, which will see members of the public recreate famous movie love scenes.


Ellie Taylor said: “I jumped at the chance of getting involved in both these shows and I’m super excited to be working with C4 and Talkback to bring them to life – what better way to put my match making and my detective skills to the test!

“Here’s hoping to some winning amateur detectives as well as red-hot chemistry between our singletons.”